Roman Harper and Wife Heather Haukaas Married In 2015

Roman Harper wife Heather Haukaas is a senior accountant and writer from North Carolina. Roman and Heather got married in 2015.

Being a maximalist, Heather is very active on Instagram, and she already has more than two thousand posts gaining 7K followers on the run since she joined the platform in November 2011. 

She has shared almost every nuance of her marriage and family life on Instagram. Heather is full of life and believes in sharing happiness, which is the key ingredient of her joyful existence.

Her husband, Roman, is a former professional American football player who played as a safety in the National Football League (NFL). Harper played for the Saints for eight seasons and was a key member of their Super Bowl-winning team in 201

Harper was known for his strong tackling and playmaking ability in the defensive backfield during his career. On Wednesday, December 11, the 40-year-old voiced his opinion on the upcoming Super Bowl game.

Roman Harper Wife Heather Haukaas

Roman Harper is married to wife Heather Haukaas. She previously worked as an IT recruiter at Open Systems Technology.

She joined the tech company in May 2011 and was employed as an employment recruiter for more than eleven years. Her work at OST was to staff IT personnel and non-IT professionals with various clients. 

Heather in front of an international art fair, Art Basel in December 2019.
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According to her Linkedin profile, Heather is no longer working as a recruiter as she was written “previous IT recruiter” on her bio. However, in her about section and experience section, she has not updated it as it still depicts her working at OST. A minor conflict of information.

Mrs. Harper is currently not actively working in any organization but is a freelance writer. Heather began her professional career as an accountant and office manager at Nutri-Sport, where she spent her time documenting revenues and tracking expenditures.

Additionally, she created the company’s monthly financial reports. She left Nutri-Sport in 2008 after working for two years and joined Crowe Horwath in January 2009 as a tax intern. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harper walking the runway in October 2019 to present their fundraising campaign.
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Then for a year, Heather served as Operations Coordinator at D-Mars before joining Open Systems Technology. The mother of four is also active in philanthropy. She has created a fundraiser through “Heather’s Fundraising Page,” and it has surpassed the goal of $1,750.00 with two times more amount of $3,450.00.

Roman And Heather Had A Grand Wedding In 2015

Former Panthers star Roman and his long-term girlfriend Heather wedding took place on April 19, 2015.

The two times ProBowler and his beautiful lover have been dating since high school. They attended Prattville High School in Alabama, where their destiny was forged together.

They both enrolled together at the University of Alabama. After some time away, they later rejoined in New Orleans, where Roman played safety for the New Orleans Saints. 

Roman married Heather in April 2015 at Biltmore estate. [credit: Parker J Pfister 2014]
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So after seeing together for several years, the couple finally made a promise in 2015 to be with each other forever. The date was set for April 19, but they had difficulty narrowing down the wedding venue. 

Heather had visited Biltmore Estate in the past, and she pitched the idea of marrying there.

More than 200 guests attended the ceremony at the yard at Deerpark, where the reception was held. Even God was delighted by their nuptial as there was drizzling rain that day. 

The bride, Heather, excited by the surprised pouring, said, “Rain on your wedding day? It’s good luck! We had every kind of weather,”

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Pastor Rob Wilton was the chaplain for the day. Since Roman is a former football player, the wedding also featured a football-themed run to the reception performed by the bridal side.

Roman and Heather relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, following the wedding to start a new chapter in their life.

Roman Has Four Children With Heather

Roman has four kids with his spouse Heather and the family nestles in Charlotte, North Carolina.

His two daughters, Syndey and Londyn Harper are the eldest, and his two sons, Roman II and Seoul Chankoowashtay Harper were born later. After Their marriage, the family of two slowly expanded to three and four, and then in June 2020, it enlarged to a medium-sized family of six.

Heather gave birth to the couple's fourth baby, Seoul in June 2020.
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Similarly, both their Instagram is occupied with pictures of their young ones. Heather has two thousand posts, and Roman is close to a thousand on Instagram. They have shared photos from the first pregnancy to the birth of the last baby, Seoul. 

Heather wants to capture every subtle detail from their birth to how they grew up and post it on social media so that whenever she feels low, she can open her Instagram and feel the energy again.

Roman with his entire family of six celebrating Easter 2022 in April.
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Recently on Halloween, Roman dressed up in a Dragon Ballz costume along with their two sons, Roman and Seoul. He also takes them to football games, fun parks, and cinemas for refreshments.

Similarly, in September 2020, the family spent their morning on the streets in front of the mural as Roman and Heather taught their kids about the importance of #BlackLIvesMatter.

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