Mat Ishbia Wife Emily Ishbia Is Into Fashion Modeling And Also An Author

Mat Ishbia wife Emily Ishbia is a model and author from Bloomfield Hills in Michigan. Mat and Emily got married in 2014.

Emily got hitched to American businessman Mathew ‘Mat’ Randall Ishbia, they welcomed three wonderful kids, two sons and a daughter.

Mat is the C.E.O. of United Wholesale Mortgage (U.W.M.), a foremost wholesale mortgage lender in the United States. He has been with U.W.M. since its founding in 2003 and has played a vital role in its growth and success.

Mat is currently making headlines as he is very close to making a deal to purchase the N.B.A.’s Phoenix Suns and the W.N.B.A.’s Phoenix Mercury. The total value of the overall transaction is estimated to be $4 billion.

Mat Ishbia Wife Emily Ishbia Is A Model

Mat Ishbia wife Emily Ishbia is a model and founder of a Michigan based modeling company.

She launched the agency in 2017 and has been actively working as the head of the company since its establishment. Through her sheer passion, dedication, and hard work, she put in the Metropolitan Detroit-based business, Emily is able to make some real progress in her career.

Emily has been working a fitness model for the past ten years.
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Mrs. Ishbia has been in the modeling line for more than fifteen years. She first started as a freelance model in 2008 and worked for various brands, commercials, and magazines to build a strong resume. 

Emily served as a model for others for nine years. With all the knowledge and experience she had acquired while working in the industry, she decided in 2017 that it was time to take control of her own life. As previously mentioned, she is very passionate, so she went for it. 

Emily Founded Emily Ishbia Modeling LLC In 2017

For almost a decade, she worked for others, and 2017 was when Emily forged her dream into reality. The Michigan State University alum is also the founder of the modeling agency Emily Ishbia Modeling.

Emily graduated from Michigan State University in 2003.
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She has accumulated extensive experience over the years, not just in modeling but in various other fields and businesses. She knows the ins and outs of the market and how to handle everything cautiously.

Since forming the company, Emily has been heavily involved in making this a top-notch modeling agency in Michigan state. Her contributions have appeared with many other companies and brands.

Some popular ones are ELLE magazine, Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe, Nasty Woman Cosmetics, and Beverly Hills Club. Similarly, other enterprises include Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Sundance Shoes, Pogo Boutique, Saturn, and many more.

On her company’s website,, one can find different kinds of appraisals, along with varieties of jewelry items, fitness and workout materials, and beauty products.

Glamorous woman Clarke modeling for her company.
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What started as a modeling firm has now expanded into an all-around modeling and clothing company with the addition of various labels to fulfill the client’s needs and requirements. 

Emily Is Also An Author

In addition to modeling, Emily has dabbled in other fields including book authoring and blogging.

She is the author of “Overcoming Obstacles,” published on January 10, 2018. She went into minute details about her harrowing journey from being a freelance model to the founder of EIM.

Mrs Ishbia published the 104 paged book called Overcoming Obstacles in January 2018.
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She started from college, where she was active in sports and athleticism. While at Michigan State University, Emily was a part of the women’s soccer team. However, sports never kicked into her, so she went exploring her niche.

“My journey of finding peace after looking in all the wrong places.”, She said about how she came to a conclusion to write a book in the first place.

This book tells the narrative of how she developed the insight to realize the difference between accepting things she couldn’t alter and changing things she could. For that, Emily tried 100 options but giving up was not in her dictionary. That is how the success story unfolds, and once you give up, it’s over.

The main highlight of her book is that everybody is different and has a different destiny which no individual can change. So for a peaceful life, one must first accept the reality looming around.

Overcoming Obstacles is available for purchase on Amazon Blurb and many other e-commerce websites.
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In the 104 paged book, she included her decade-long experiences and findings about life and business. Writing has always been a crucial part of her journey, and she poured all her heart into sculpting her book, Overcoming Obstacles.   

Emily Has A Passion In Blogging

Emily has a huge passion for blogging and writing as a whole. It is the reason she got the idea of writing a book. 

There is a “Blog” segment on her website where one can find lots of blogs she wrote about different topics and genres. Although most are about modeling and self-realization, few others are completely off the glamour field.

Most of her writes are about a personal subject of her life. Her favorite aspect of blogging is the self-reminder that, based on reactions she received in the past, individuals are more alike than unique. Knowing there are people experiencing something identical, even when sense alone. 

Emily is also a passionate blogger and has published many blogs on her website.
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According to her Linkedin profile, she has tried out many fields to find a hook in which she can fully invest.

Photography, Interior Design, Event Manager, Travel And Tour Cosmetics, and Vegetarian Nutrition are among many other fields she explored before joining fashion and modeling.

Seeing progress after beginning at the bottom and not being ashamed or frightened of failing at something is quite fulfilling. She primarily focuses on being comfortable with her own body and inspires people to try more vegan food.

Through her company, Emily has been featured in many other big corporations such as ELLE magazine.
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“What is beautiful to one person is not always beautiful to another,” is the quote pulled from one of her blogs. The phrase may seem simple, but it narrates the whole story of what she was trying to send a message through her writings.

In the modern world, where those unrealistic body types have become a trend, people who cannot achieve even a tiny fraction of their model’s body proportions mustn’t be comfortable with their bodies.

Mat And Emily Has Three Kids

United Wholesale Mortgage CEO has shared a handful of pictures on his Facebook with Emily and their kids, two sons and a daughter.

Mat with Emily and their three children all dressed up well in September 2017.
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In 2021, he brought all his kids to a football game. In June 2021, he bought pet puppies, one each for three of them. He was very excited, along with his offspring, to let the dogs into the family. “These three puppies are going to make the house even crazier. We are happy to have Zeke, Kobe, and Judy join our family.”

American businessman Mat and his three kids at a football game in December 2019.
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The couple’s eldest baby Ben, was born in 2011, three years before they tied the wedding knot. 

Emily mentioned him in one of her blogs and explained how his hard work led him to own a multi-billion dollar business. She said he never stopped and sacrificed all to reach where he stood today.

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