Rafael Devers Dominican Family With Parents Lucrecia García And Rafael Devers Sr

Rafael Devers parents Lucrecia García and Rafael Devers Sr are Boston Red Sox fans. Devers Sr is a former baseball player.

He and his girlfriend, Leticia Devers, are the parents of two daughters.

Born and raised in Sanchez, Dominican Republic, Rafael Devers needed a translator for many years beside him while he gave interviews. Today the little boy from Sanchez can not only fluently speak English but has also become of the biggest players in the MLB.

A Boston Red Sox player, Rafael idolised David Ortiz, a player his father couldn’t stop talking about with him. Devers Sr couldn’t continue playing the sport as he had to focus on work, and the Boston Red Sox player quietly understood the sacrifice his father made for the family.

Today the baseball player signed a landmark contract which keeps him at Boston Red Sox for 11 years for $331 million, the biggest ever in MLB history for a third baseman and the largest in Red Sox history.

Rafael Devers Parents

Rafael Devers parents Lucrecia Garcia and Rafael Devers Sr are residents of the Dominican Republic. 

The love for the game began at a young age and it was all thanks to his father Rafael Devers Sr. The father-son duo would go to every game possible. Rafael Sr was a former baseball player of the Dominican League but had to quit the sport to focus on his work.

Rafael Devers(left) with Rafael Devers Sr and Eloy Jimenez and Vladimir Guerrero Jr in 2017
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Rafael would frequently travel with his dad to watch Rafael Sr play in the amateur leagues. Since then till now the love for the game has continued to grow. In 2017, when Devers was promoted to the Boston Red Sox side, his father was the first to know about the news.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Rafael didn’t have the best control over the English language. He required a translator during his early interviews. When he was promoted by Boston Red Sox and was interviewed by the MLB network in 2017, he expressed his emotions with a translator helping him out. 

The baseball player said his father was more excited than him about his promotion. It was certainly an emotional moment for Rafael Sr as once he would watch the MLB from his television set with his son, and now his son was going to be one of the big hitters.

In an interview in 2019, Rafael mentioned he would call his mother, Lucrecia, twice a day. He would also talk to his brother, who was still in the Dominican Republic at the time.

It’s been five years since Devers was promoted to the MLB, and many things have changed. In 2022, he gave a full interview in English, which got praised by his manager, and now he has gone on to sign the biggest contract in the history of the Boston Red Sox. 

Rafael Devers Family

Rafael Devers comes from a Dominican family that has a love for baseball running in its veins.

A man of few words, the Dominican Republic player Rafael Devers has always let his baseball bat do all the talking. He was never the studious kid as the simple game of bat and ball had already caught his attention. 

His father, Rafael Sr, a former amateur baseball player, and his mother Lucrecia wasn’t having it. In an interview with The Athletic, Devers said he would have big fights with his parents about staying late out and skipping studies.

Rafael Devers(left) and his cousin Jose Devers(right) faced off in 2021
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They would try to discipline the young Rafael, but it was in vain. Rafael Sr was a Boston Red Sox fan and was a big admirer of David Ortiz. He would always talk to his son about the legendary player, which led Rafael to admire Ortiz as well. 

Rafael also has a brother but has never talked much about him. But growing up in a family of baseball lovers, Rafael was not the only one gripped by the sport. His cousin Jose Devers is also an MLB player, having joined Miami Marlins in 2021.

Rafael Devers shared the pictures of his two daughters on his Instagram handle
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It was a surreal moment in 2021 when the two cousins played against each other. After the game, Rafael said it was super exciting to see his cousin in the big league. He also hinted that there might be another Devers coming through to MLB, and is currently playing for the Cleveland organization. 

Rafael is a family man and father to a couple of princesses. The baseball player has tried his best to keep his personal life away from the spotlight but has shared a few pictures of his kids on his social media handle. 

Rafael Devers Girlfriend Leticia Devers

Rafael Devers girlfriend Leticia Devers is Dominican. Leticia resides in Santo Domingo with their two daughters. 

A Dominican Republican native, Leticia is the mother of Rafael’s two daughters. On her Facebook handle, Leticia has shared photos of their daughters and some of her previous posts date to Rafael playing in the minor leagues.

Leticia Devers seen holding their daughter Reichel Marie in 2018
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In an interview with La Vida Baseball, Rafael shared that it is his routine to call his daughter before every game. In the 2017 interview, he mentioned that he matured a lot after the birth of Reichel Marie two years ago.

The baseball player became a father again in February 2020. He said the birth of his daughter was more important than anything else, and he wanted to be there when he heard that his girlfriend had gone into labor. 

Rafael Devers shared the snap of his two daughters on his Instagram handle on October 6, 2020
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The doting father of two girls, Rafael, has shared a few snaps of his baby girls on his Instagram handle. In one of the photos, Reichel can be seen holding her little sister tightly as they play on the beach. 

He also shared the photo of his little princess turning one on February 10, 2021. When talking to The Athletic in 2020 about his children, he didn’t even need the translator to understand they would talk about his girls. He quickly sprung up and replied to them.

Near the end of his interview, the baseball player said having his two daughters and seeing them happy and healthy has been the best experience of his life.

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