Andre Agassi Sister Tami Agassi Is An Author And Played Tennis On A College Scholarship

Andre Agassi sister Tami Agassi is a former athlete and has worked as a fundraiser. Tami is older than Andre by one year.

Tami, a breast cancer survivor, has maintained a formidable relationship with her famous tennis legend brother, Andre Agassi. Though she might be known as one of the siblings of a famous athlete, we tell you she is more than that. 

The 53-year-old has also published a cookbook that features several famous Hollywood celebrities and, throughout the years, has generated millions of revenues for nonprofit organizations. 

The sibling pair of Tami and Andre will feature in the CNBC show American Greed, where Tami’s former spouse Lobsang Dargey will be highlighted in the last episode. 

Andre Agassi Sister Tami Agassi Is An Author And Played Tennis

Andre Agassi sister Tami Agassi is an author of a cookbook and a former athlete.

She had dabbled in the world of literature as she published a book in 2004.

The book titled “Star Palate: Celebrity Cookbook for a Cure” remains the only book Tami has ever written. It featured recipes from our favourite celebrities, including former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, the Tonight Show famed Jay Leno, and the world-renowned legendary singer Celine Dion and many more totalling up to 80.

Tami Agassi(right) at the launch event of her book Star Palate: Celebrity Cookbook for a Cure in 2004
Source : marketrealist

But it was not a lone project of Tami as she teamed up with chef Kathy Casey. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tami is second to youngest of three siblings. 

Tami’s dad, the former Olympic boxer from Iran, Emmanuel Agassi, raised his kids in a competitive environment. He trained his son, Andre, in his formative years before he went on to conquer the tennis world.

And it was not only the father-son duo bitten by the tennis bug. Tami was also ready to make her mark in the game, where there have been many cases of sibling success stories.

Tami Agassi siblings Rita Agassi(centre), Andre Agassi(left) and Philip Agassi(right) with their father Emmanuel Agassi
Source : co

In fact, it was all four Agassi siblings who were on the path to making a name for themselves before dropping out later in their lives. Tami, a graduate of Texas A&M University with a communication degree, had put herself through college with a tennis scholarship.

She was a ranked player who had received the NCAA Scholarship Athlete but didn’t turn pro. But the tough mentality she adopted during her sporting days helped her through later in life. 

Tami Agassi Is A Fundraiser For Non Profit Organizations

Tami Aggasi started working for nonprofit organizations helping them with fundraising after quitting her sports career. 

One of the first nonprofit organizations she worked for was The Gary Payton Foundation during the mid-90s. With a bit of help from her famous family members, Tami was able to host several celebrity auctions at Gary Payton. 

Tami Agassi previously worked for the Gary Payton Foundation and has celebrity auctions from NBA stars
Source : nba

She built contacts with several high-profile corporate bodies, such as Key Bank and Merrill Lynch, and took charge of all financial and administrative functions. 

After working three years at the Gary Payton Foundation, Tami moved to, where she only worked for a year as a director of business development. By the time the 21st century began, Tami was working as an executive director at The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Tami Agassi with her former husband Lobsang Dargey during one of their outings in early 2000s
Source : heraldnet

And if the new century brought a new role, it also brought a huge problem in Tami’s life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30. Six months later, her mother was also diagnosed with the same. 

Her siblings stood with her in solidity during the turmoil as she underwent an extensive nine months of chemotherapy treatment. And it was during one of the charity auctions for cancer research she met her former husband, Lobsang Dargey. 

Tami Agassi is set to feature on the show American Greed which will highlight her former spouse
Source : cnbc

The couple tied the knot in 2004 and have three children. They might have divorced in 2020, but the high-profile relationship was why Lobdang became a real estate tycoon and later his downfall.

Tami will feature in the CNBC show “American Greed,” where she talks about her married life with Lobdang and how he used her connections and money to rise to the top. 

Tami Agassi Other Two Siblings

Tami Agassi has two other siblings who were also ready to make a career in tennis before quitting the sport.

Philip Agassi and Rita Agassi are the other siblings of Tami Agassi, who have gone on to make careers in different fields and also have tied the knot with high-profile spouses.

1. Philip Agassi 

Philip Agassi with his family including his wife and his daughter.
Source : ustanevada

Philip Agassi, age 60, is the oldest son of Emmanuel and Elizabeth. During Andre’s playing career, Philip accompanied him to all the games and was his travel partner.

Philip is married to jewelry designer Marti Agassi and is a parent to a couple of children, including a son Jaden Gil Agassi and a daughter Jaz Elle Agassi.

The older Agassi son and his brother Andre were beside Tami during her cancer battle. The two brothers helped Tami shave off her hair as she began chemotherapy. 

2. Rita Agassi

Rita Agassi with her brother Andre Agassi in a rare snap together.
Source : heute

Rita Agassi, age 63, is the oldest child in the Agassi family. She is the last wife of tennis legend Pancho Gonzales, who was also her tennis coach and the couple had one child.

Rita graduated from Valley High in Las Vegas in 1977. For years Rita was a tennis pro at Ballys Casino in Las Vegas. But she didn’t have good relations with her family members, including her father, who wanted her late husband murdered, and her famous brother.

In an interview from 2000, Rita cited that she had a rocky relationship with Andre, and though she didn’t wish ill on him, she hoped to maintain a distance from him for the rest of her life.

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