Wil Myers Wife Maggie Myers Is A Chef And Culinary Expert

Wil Myers wife Maggie Myers has worked in NASCAR and is currently a chef. Wil and Maggie tied the knot in 2018.

The outfielder Wil Myers and his better half have been residents of San Diego for seven years. The 32-year-old has spent the majority of his career with the franchise San Diego Padres having featured in the All-Star team in 2016.

But after seven years, Myers has decided to further his MLB career with Cincinnati Reds having signed a one-year contract on Thursday. 

The culinary expert took to her Instagram last night to share the news of her spouse’s latest career move on her Instagram handle and also took the opportunity to thank the Padre’s association and the fans who tagged her in their post. 

Wil Myers Wife Maggie Myers Is A Chef And Culinary Expert

Wil Myers wife Maggie Myers is a classically trained chef giving easy dinner ideas and recipes from her social media page.

Before becoming a trained chef or choosing to go to culinary school, Maggie worked as an account coordinator and community manager. The better half of Wil Myers attended North Carolina State University, having earned her degree in interpersonal communication.

Maggie Myers shared her chef apron on her Instagram story as she joined California Culinary School
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Born and raised in a household of four sisters, Maggie worked in various fields before she found her passion in cooking. Though she might have had the desire for many years, Maggie joined California Culinary State Institute earlier this year in April.

She shared the first few weeks of training at California Culinary State Institute on her Instagram story, and one of her first dishes was a broccoli soup. After that, Maggie shared several succulent-looking dishes ranging from pasta to cakes. 

Since then, Maggie has been sharing recipes for various dishes on her Instagram handle, with the first being preparing the marinara sauce. With Christmas nearing, Wil’s partner has recently shared the ingredients for preparing Christmas M&M Cookies at home.

For Thanksgiving this year, Maggie showed her 10.5k followers how easy it is to prepare the turkey. She also lists the ingredients for most dishes so anyone can easily prepare them. 

She has also shown her fine chopping skills, which are a must for any chef. From preparing lazy dinners to making mojitos, one can certainly spend hours looking at Maggie’s Instagram handle to create tasty dishes for their family members. Wil Myers is certainly eating well. 

Maggie Myers Career Before Becoming A Chef

Maggie Myers has worked for entertainment companies as well as sports associations before becoming a chef. 

One of Maggie’s first jobs was at the film production company Trailblazer Studios. She worked as a production intern for a year at the Emmy winning studios, where she assisted in the reality show production of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Maggie Myers celebrates with her family as she graduated from North Carolina State University
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Working For Raycom And Ice Hockey Team

Maggie then moved on to work at the sports entertainment company Raycom Sports, where she worked for two years as she pursued her degree at North Carolina State University. 

Maggie Myers on her duties with Carolina Hurricanes in 2014
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And not only was she working for Raycom but also for the ice hockey team, Carolina Hurricanes, as their in-game production talent. She served as the onscreen talent for three years and prepared public events and organizations, including hosting Q&A between fans and players.

A Brief Stint With NASCAR 

Maggie joined the NASCAR organization in 2014 and had been working as a community manager by the time she left NASCAR.

It was through joining GMR Marketing that Maggie got the chance to work with the racing company. 

One of the first photos she shared that hinted Maggie had become part of the organization was on May 10, 2015, at Kansas Speedway. In the photo’s caption, Maggie also hinted that her family has a history with the sport. She worked for Team Lowes.

Maggie Myers with two NASCAR legends Jimmy Johnson and Chad Knaus in 2016
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Mrs. Myers has shared several photos with the seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmy Johnson on her Instagram handle alongside her colleagues. She was also present in Las Vegas in 2016, as she shared a photo with Jimmy and Chad Knaus with the Sprint Cup Trophy. 

Maggie ended her association with NASCAR in 2017 and bid goodbye saying she was now stepping into a new role. 

Maggie Myers Is One Adventurous Lady

Maggie Myers loves spending time in the wild having shared several photos from her outings which include fishing and hiking. 

There is no sport that Maggie probably doesn’t enjoy. From golfing to baseball to car racing, Maggie has always been sporty and athletic. She has previously trained with AerliaCLT, a fitness studio that combines dance techniques and circus tricks. 

Maggie Myers does rock climbing on the mountains of North Carolina in 2014
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Whenever possible, Maggie tries to spend as much time as possible, having previously conquered the mountains of North Carolina with her rock climbing skills. 

Maggie has tried to tick off everything on her bucket list quite early, as, in 2014, she did flyboarding in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In 2015, with her friends, Maggie hiked in Colorado as they made their way to the top of Mount Evans. 

Maggie Myers does surfboarding at the Lahinch beach Ireland in 2017
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She also loves fishing and loves to interact with sharks apparently. Maggie has shared several posts of her capturing fish on her Instagram handle. On one of the occasions, she partnered with Toby Uppinghouse to do flushing on the American River.

Maggie Myers shows off her fishing skills to her Instagram followers as she catches a big one on of her fishing trips
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Maggie has enjoyed not only her hiking in America but also in Ireland. In 2017, she successfully hiked the Cliff of Moher. And during her time in Ireland, she did some surfing at Lahinch beach. 

Maggie Myers enjoys ziplining on one of her trip to St Lucia in 2017
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In December 2017, Wil’s better half ziplined in the mountains of beautiful St. Lucia, having captioned the post-Mountain V Maggie. She also enjoyed an aerial view of St Lucia from a helicopter ride. 

Maggie Myers And Wil Myers Relationship Timeline

Maggie and Wil Myers started dating in 2015 and married in November 2018.

They went Instagram official with their relationship on new years day of 2015. And it looks like the Padre’s outfielder is as adventurous as his better half, having taken her for a helicopter ride over Charleston for Valentine’s Day in 2015. 

Wil took Maggie for a romantic helicopter ride on February 15, 2015, on the occasion of Valentine Day
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If it was a helicopter ride in February, then in March, it was traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona, for a short hiking trip. It’s not certain whether Wil could join Maggie on her trips to Ireland or Colorado, but one thing is for sure the outfielder was ready to pop the big question.

On March 24, 2018, Maggie revealed that she was now engaged to the baseball player. She shared a gallery of images, which included her showing the diamond ring and being airlifted by her partner as they shared a smooch. 

Maggie shows her diamond ring as she attends Padres game to root for Wil.
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Two months before the wedding ceremony, her siblings held a bachelorette ceremony for the bride-to-be as they enjoyed a fun and relaxing time with each other. And Maggie was so impressed by her sister’s preparation that she recommended her followers ask them for tips on throwing bachelorette parties. 

Wil and Maggie enjoy a couple dance after their wedding ceremony in 2018.
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Finally, the big day arrived on November 13, 2018, as she tied the knot with Wil. The couple later enjoyed the most beautiful moment of their lives with their family and friends and had a blast on the dance floor. 

Maggie has enjoyed several outings with Wil to Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, to watch him play for the team. To impress his chef wife, Wil has also tried his hands-on cooking, but with what his spouse wrote in the captions of one of her posts, it doesn’t look like he quite succeeded. 

The couple is yet to have a kid, but they do have a fur baby, Fin, to accompany them. And Fin is no ordinary dog. In 2020, she passed her test and completed her supervised nursing home visits. What an accomplished family. 

Earlier this year, in October, as the Padres won the National League’s Division Series against LA Dodgers, the pair thanked the fans by going to multiple bars and buying everyone shots. 

Many fans were excited to see the outfielder with his partner as they high-fived them. The couple hopes to recreate the same magic with the Cincinnati Reds fans in the coming years. 

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