Andrew Gilding Has Teeth The Color Of His Gold Coated Darts

Andrew Gilding and his gold teeth have made rounds on social media pages for years. Gilding has not shown interest to fix the discolouration. 

Gilding and his love for the gold colour is something the dart fans are familiar with. The English darts player even has a song called Gold that he walks out on every match. 

The 52-year-old has gained notoriety for his gold-looking chompers for years and has been trolled about it on Twitter. Gilding is not dubious about it, as he has even passed a remark on his teeth on the social media page. 

But at the same time, Andrew has not done any medical procedures on his gnashers. On December 19, we saw the familiar smile when he defeated Robert Owens in the ongoing World Darts Championship. But sadly, he crashed in the second round against Dave Chisnall and exited Ally Pally. 

Andrew Gilding Has Teeth The Color Of His Gold Coated Darts

Andrew Gilding has kept his teeth as gold as his darts for years and does not look like he intends to change them.

On December 19, when Gilding walked out to face Drew Owen in his first World Championship game in six years, we were met by the familiar smiling face and the gold teeth on full display.

Andrew Gilding meets the fans as he walks out in World Darts Championship before facing Robert Owens on December 19,2022
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Whenever Gilding has been seen in a competition, it has always been his teeth that have taken away the darts’ fan attention. Andrew and his choppers are not famous for the same reason as Liverpool and Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino.

It’s the reason opposite of it. For years many dart fans have talked about how discolored his incisors look. Many have passed these snide remarks whenever Gilding has given press conference interviews or has just smiled, looking at the camera as he beats his opponents. 

One of the first comments on Gilding’s discolored choppers on social media date back to 2015. The year when he achieved one of the best results in his darts career. The year when he reached the semi-finals of the UK Open.

Andrew Gilding and his teeth have been constant butt of jokes on social media page Twitter
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Seeing him reach the semi-finals also meant that fans would see lot more interviews from him, which ultimately led them to pass comments on his smile. 

But the man has never been bothered by it, and not being bothered by it has caused him to not take action like Bobby. 

Andrew Gilding Has Taken The Trolls In His Stride

Andrew Gilding has taken all the social media trolls in his stride when it comes to the comments on his discoloured teeth. 

Social media can be a nasty and toxic place, with trolling being a religious practice. And many darts fans have taken the opportunity to pass some comments on Andrew Gilding and his teeth throughout the years.

Many dart fans have taken to their social media handles to talk about Andrew Gilding and his infamous teeth
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Some people have shown genuine concern for Gilding, and some have been disgusted by seeing his canines on their television screens. In 2015, as he achieved his greatest result, many took to their Twitter handle to comment on Gilding’s pearly whites.

One Twitter user prayed not to see any Andrew Gilding interviews unless he got his sorted out. I mean, the man just had a great run of games to reach the semifinal, there was no chance for him to back out doing interviews. 

Some Twitter users even suggested in 2015 for Andrew Gilding to not to give interviews
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After Gilding went as far as the semifinals and won £17,000, one fan hoped he would get his railings sorted out with the cash. Looking at the Gilding’s smile now, he might have invested the cash prize in something else.

One fan wanted Andrew to fix from the cash money he won in the UK Open
Source : twitter

During the height of it all in 2015, a darts fan compared Andrew Gilding with Doctor Eggman, a character from Sonic. He tagged Andrew Gilding on the tweet, saying he should make Dr. Robotnik his new nickname. 

Gilding, who probably saw all the tweets about his choppers, then commented on the post saying that Dr Eggman is almost similar to him but is a bit slimmer. 

But he also took the opportunity to joke about them and said he wished his teeth were as shiny as Dr Eggman’s. The funny exchange between Andrew and the darts fan shows that Gilding doesn’t care much about what anybody else has to say about his gnashers.

The Reason For Andrew Gilding Discoloured Teeth

Andrew Gilding has never publicly talked about the reason for his discolored teeth. 

But scientifically, it is said that one of the main reasons for discolored grinders can be the severe use of tobacco which causes the staining. The darts player has never been spotted chewing tobacco, so we can’t assume that, but there are other causes.

Andrew Gilding walks out on December 19, 2022 to face against Robert Owen
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Sometimes it could just be genetics, as some people are born with better genetics than the rest. Heavy usage of coffee and tea could be another reason, and being a British man, Gilding might certainly love drinking tea. 

One Twitter user has tweeted to Andrew Gilding to buy a toothbrush, which is not a bad suggestion as sometimes poor dental hygiene could also take a toll. But being a renowned darts player, there’s no doubt Gilding has a toothbrush on him. 

Andrew Gilding greets fans as he comes out to face against Darren Webster in 2014
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As Gilding has not taken any action on his Hampstead Heath for these many years after coming to notoriety about it, it doesn’t look like, even in the future, we will see any change in Gilding and his infamous teeth.

But as he lives in the UK, Gilding certainly has access to Dr Robbie Hughes, the famous Liverpool dentist who took care of Robert Firmino and Jurgen Klopp’s teeth. For years the Liverpool manager faced the same scrutiny from fans on social media like Gilding.

The Liverpool manager had a gnashers transformation ever since he became a client of Dr Robert Hughes
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Ever since Jurgen Klopp had an appointment with Dr Huges, he has seen a fantastic change. So don’t be shocked if one day you see the dart player smiling brightly with his shiny pair of railings in future competitions. 

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