Bodybuilder Iain Valliere Wife Melissa Valliere Is Also An IFBB Pro

Iain Valliere wife Melissa Valliere is also a professional IFBB bodybuilder. Iain and Melissa were married in 2018.

Iain is a Canadian IFFB professional who started competing in amateur tournaments in 2010.

His first participation was in the 2010 OPA Ottawa Championships, where he finished third in the Men’s heavyweight class and first in the Junior Men’s category. Similarly, Melissa also started her junior career around the same time. Her brother Chris inspired her to be an athlete.

The 33-year-old Iain is also a coach aside from a player himself. Before becoming a professional, he was an Instagram influencer. He used to upload content regarding body fitness and workouts. 

Iain Valliere Wife Melissa Valliere Is Also A Bodybuilder

Iain Valliere wife Melissa Valliere is a professional athlete from Canada who competes in the IFBB league.

Melissa was born on December 6, 1990. She recently turned 32, and her spouse Iain wished her a happy birthday via a lengthy Instagram post.

Melissa Bumstead training with her husband Iain working out together in September 2021.
Source : instagram

Melissa is a skilled competitor and sportswoman that partakes in the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Figure division. But it wasn’t until she was well into college that she realized how much she loved athletics. 

The Canadian inborn excelled in sports as a child, but she had little desire to become a professional athlete. It was not until she had an encounter with her husband, Iain, Melissa was ready to venture into bodybuilding professionally. 

Melissa posing for photoshoot with a horse in August 2021.
Source : instagram

Since her sibling Chris Bumstead is also a professional athlete, he inspired her and Iain. But even if she wanted to, a female player in bodybuilding was minimal back in the day. That was one of the reasons she was hesitant to join.

Though she has been an active player since 2010, it was only in 2015 Melissa stepped up to her professional debut at the CBBF Canadian Bikini, Figure, Fitness, and Physique Championships. 

She rocked the competition, winning both medals in her heavyweight division. That was the pivotal moment of her career. Bumstead competed in the 2016 Toronto Pro, where she finished a respectable fifth after earning her IFBB Pro Card at the 2015 Canadian Nationals.

After securing fourth in the Vancouver Pro the following year, she worked on improving her physique throughout the entire year of 2017. Melissa took a break from sports in 2019 after ranking 15th in the Arnold Classic Ohio, and she was up for another challenge in her life. 

IFBB player Melissa snapping pictures during her gym session in October.
Source : instagram

Although she had a respectable career as an IFBB professional, she had interests in other areas, including fitness instructor. She started an online tutoring business and immediately used her 145K Instagram followers to build a substantial clientele.

Iain And Melissa Are Together For Ten Years In 2022

Iain and Melissa Valliere have been together for ten years and married for four years. 

On December 6, the IFFB professional shared a post on his Instagram with pictures of their journey throughout the years since they first began dating ten years ago.  

Iain and Melissa laughing out loud together during their vacation trip in 2020.
Source : instagram

The couple was in their early career when they met in 2012. Melissa was not ready to continue pursuing her IFFB dream, but he insisted she kept the dream alive, and only after that did she agree to proceed.

Iain posted pictures in November 2017, marking their five years of togetherness. He shared photos from their relationship vault, where the two were working out together, dating, and enjoying each other’s company at their home.

The IFBB couple relishing their vacation time at Maroon Bells in November 2021.
Source : instagram

The long-term couple completed their marriage in November 2018. After six years of dating, they finally tied the wedding knot in Strathmere, New Jersey, in front of their family and friends. Iain posted a picture from the wedding on November 24, 2018.

In the years after that, on their anniversary, Valliere posted on Instagram to commemorate the special day. He also appreciates Melissa for being with him and helping him when needed.

Last year on Valentine’s day, he posted their first Instagram photo together, taken way back during the early days of the relationship. Of course, the picture quality is a little underwhelming, given that it was several years ago.

In November 2021, Iain and Melissa went on a trip to Maroon Bells in the Elk Mountains. She shared some eye-watering landscape images from their tour in the laps of beautiful snowy mountains.

Iain and Melissa together advertising the sportswear brand tbJP Clothing in June 2022.
Source : instagram

The blissful married couple Iain and his soulmate Melissa appeared on a podcast, Episode 7 of The Raw U Podcast, in January 2022. They narrate their relationship journey parallel to their body-building career, working out together daily. Those were tiny nuances of life.

Similarly, in June, the pair were seen together to advertise a start-up clothing brand, tbJP Clothing.

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