Who Is Rylee Leglue On TikTok? Sedona Prince Breakup And Relationship Timeline

People want to know about Rylee Leglue and her age after she is exploding on the websites after being rumored as Sedona Prince’s girlfriend. Stick together to learn more.

Rylee is a famous American Tiktok artist who rose to fame after a ballplayer, Sedona Prince, took an interest in her Tiktok handle.

Tiktok has become the most popular platform where people can share short videos like funny, gaming videos, magic tricks, and many more. Many people have earned good fame and money from this app.

As of August 16, 2022, Rylee and her girlfriend, Sedona Prince, are getting viral. Both couples upload many challenging dance videos on their TikTok account—many of the viewers respond to positive comments on their content.

In this article, let’s learn about who Ryle Legule is and her relationship status.

Quick Facts To Know About Rylee Leglue

Real Name Rylee Leglue
Gender Female
Profession Tiktok Star
Country America
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Heigh 4 feet 9 inches

Who Is Rylee Leglue On TikTok?

Rylee is a well-known TikTok artist and girlfriend of Sedona Prince.


Tiktok artist Leglue has never shared any detailed information about her date of birth. Thus her birth sign is questionable.

Rylee’s girlfriend is active on the Tiktok app with the user name Sedonerrr. As of August 16, 2022, Sedona has earned 3 million followers, 433 followers, and 186.4 million likes on her TikTok ID.

Rylee rose to fame when both of them got into a relationship. Both couples are LGBTQ. Her ex-girlfriend Sedona Prince is overgrowing on TikTok, and many viewers have loved their videos.

However, there is very little information about Rylee Leglue on social media. It seems like she wants to keep her personal life far from the internet.

Sedona Prince Relationship Status: Did She Break Up?

Sedona Prince and Rylee Leglue recently broke up, and both couples are going their separate ways.


The form couple, who are well-known figures, TikTok-recently disclosed that they decided to break up after more than a year of dating.

Rylee LegLue is the girlfriend of Sedona Prince. Not just that, both couples are openly lesbian. Additionally, she is dating a fellow Tiktoker, which makes her a lesbian.

Recently Leglue’s girlfriend Sedona has marked her as the absolute companion and labeled LGBTQ ins subtitles in her recording with Rylee.

We can also find many Tiktok videos of the couple together on her Tiktok account.

Moreover, there is not much more information on the website about why both lovers separated after dating for more than a year.

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Let’s Meet Ryle Leglue on Instagram

Ryle Leglue is currently active on Instagram with the username aka @rylee.leglue.

As of August 16, 2022, Ryle has earned 72.4k followers, 489 followings, and eight posts on her Instagram account. His recent post was uploaded on July 11, 2022. 

League’s ex-girlfriend had tagged her many pictures on her Instagram account. After watching their photos, they seemed happy with their relationship at the beginning.

Ryle had uploaded many pictures of traveling to new places. It seems like she loves traveling and exploring new places. 

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