Liz Astling 5 Facts: Sam Stosur’s Partner Since 2016 Is A Physical Therapist

Sam Stosur and her partner, Liz Astling, have been together for six years.

Astling first caught the eyes of Stosur’s fans during the 2017 French Open, where she was seen with the medical team.

Though the pair are yet to marry, the US Open Champion and myotherapist are now a family of three, having welcomed their baby daughter in 2020. Though Astling loves to stay away from the public limelight, Sam couldn’t help but share the exciting news of their daughters’ birth on her Instagram handle.

The tennis couple received many supportive messages in 2019 when Stosur decided to go public with her relationship in an Instagram post. Astling has been by her side through every win and loss, especially in recent years, with rumors of her retirement making headlines now and then.

Here’s everything to know about Sam Stosur’s partner, Liz Astling. 

Five facts on Sam Stosur Partner, Liz Astling

Sam Stosur and Liz Astling pictured together with their daughter Genevieve during their holiday trip
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1. Liz Astling Is A Myotherapist

Liz Astling, the partner of Sam Stosur, worked as a myotherapist at Elite Myotherapy.

After graduating with a degree in Sports Science (Human movement), Astling had been part of Elite for the past decade.

Liz Astling worked for Elite Myotherapy for ten years as a training coordinator
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Myotherapy is an advanced form of remedial massage used to treat soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. And it was because of this profession that Liz was able to connect with her now wife, Sam.

Liz worked in the medical team with Sam during her French Open run in 2017, and many fans during the time had discussed that it made perfect sense for Sam to hire someone from myotherapy as she had an ongoing chronic shoulder problem.

2. Liz Astling And Sam Stosur Went Public With Their Romance In 2019

Sam Stosur has been dating her partner, Liz Astling, since 2016. However, she went public with her romance with Liz Astling in 2019. 

The tennis legend was honored with the Spirit of Tennis Award at the Newcombe Medal Australian Tennis Awards that year and thanked everyone in her victory speech except Astling.

Then in the early hours next day, Stosur took to Instagram and shared her photo from last night holding the awards and captioned the post: “To my Mum, Dad, Daniel and Dom and my partner Liz, you have given me the love, support and every opportunity to pursue my dream and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Sam Stosur went public with their romance in 2019 after she mentioned her in an Instagram post after winning the Spirit Award
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Stosur later admitted that her nervousness got the best of her during the speech, and later after coming off the stage, she felt a slight guilt about thanking that one person who had been with her every single day.

And at 3 am, after discussing with Astling, Stosur decided that she wanted to make her relationship with Liz public knowledge and shared the post. 

3. Liz Astling and Sam Stosur Are Parents To A Baby Girl

Liz Astling and Sam Stosur are parents to a beautiful baby girl, Genevieve. Stosur took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her fans, who were finally getting a glimpse into her life away from the tennis court.

On July 13, 2020, the Australian tennis legend took to Instagram to share the news of the birth of her daughter Genevieve who her partner Liz delivered on June 16. She further wrote that Liz and Evie were doing fine and couldn’t wait to see her baby girl grow up but not too quickly.

Sam Stosur and Liz Astling pictured celebrating their daughter Genevieve's second birthday on June 16, 2022
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Earlier this year, Genevieve celebrated her second birthday and is frequently seen on Sam’s Instagram handle traveling with her parents to various parts of the world. 

In the US Open this year, Evie ran into the tennis court carrying her plushie as she pointed to the scoreboard. Little Evie then returned to her seat as her mother escorted her out.

4. Liz Astling And Sam Stosur Received Hate Messages After Their Baby Announcement

Liz Astling and Sam Stosur were directed tons of hate messages after their baby announcement in 2020. And before that, Liz’s famous partner received many disgusting comments because of her sexuality.

Liz Astling and Sam Stosur pictured with their daughter Genevieve posted the photo on her Instagram handle in July which led her to get ton of hate messages
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Previously, Sam talked about the stigma attached to coming out about her sexuality. She also feared that she might end up losing many sponsors. And if the majority of her fans and colleagues have supported her, some have shown that they probably need to open up their narrow minds.

Previously the Australian got into a war of words with 24 times Grand Slam Title Winner Margaret Court after she commented about tennis being full of LGBTQ members. 

5. Liz Astling Worked With Orphanages In Tanzania

Liz Astling, the partner of Sam Stosur, volunteered for orphanages for young children in Tanzania. And the east African country isn’t the only place where she has done humanitarian work.

Astling previously traveled to East Timor with a health group to educate the locals on how to treat their bodies with trigger point therapy. She later returned to Africa with the project Food, Water, Shelter.

But that project couldn’t be completed as Liz was robbed by some locals and one of her close friends was killed during it. 

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