Sauce Gardner Athletic Brother Allante Gardener And Sister Alexis

Sauce Gardner and his brother Allante Gardner are both football players; one plays as a cornerback, while the other spent his athletic career as a wide receiver.

Sauce and Allante were born to their beloved mother, Alisa Gardner, and they also have a sister named Alexis Gardner; Alisa raised her children as a single mother.

Even so, Gardner has grown into a fine young man and made his momma proud by making it to NFL. He played high school football at Martin Luther King High School and spent his collegiate career at the University of Cincinnati. Furthermore, the New York Jets picked him fourth overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Sauce Gardner Brother Allante Gardener Played As A Wide Receiver

The American football cornerback Sauce Gardner who plays for the New York Jets, has a brother named Allante Gardner, and he also played football.

Allante played as a wide receiver for the Lakeland Muskies. Likewise, he attended Michigan Collegiate, where he competed in football, basketball, and track & field.

Allante Gardener played as a no.12 wide receiver for Lakeland Muskies.
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Furthermore, he was a three-time all-conference selection and served as a two-time team captain; the athlete also got named all-state as a junior and senior.

Growing up, the former footballer wanted to become an Athletic director, mentor, coach, and business/homeowner in the future. Similarly, his favorite athlete was the former NFL Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown.

Age Gap Between Sauce Gardner And Allante Gardener

Sause and his brother Allante were born six years apart; the athlete is the younger sibling, having been born in 2000, whereas his older brother was born in 1994.

The New York Jets cornerback celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 31st of August, 2022; likewise, his brother marked his 28th birthday on the 27th of April, 2022. 

Sauce Gardner photographed with his brother and mother.
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Although the former footballer is older than his sibling by age, he is shorter than him by height; the former Lakeland Muskies wide receiver stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall, whereas the New York Jets cornerback has a towering height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

Sauce Gardner Has A Sister Named Alexis Gardner

Gardner not only has a brother, but he also has a sister named Alexis Gardner. The three siblings grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

Alexis occasionally appears on her brother’s social media, but she has maintained a low profile, so her profession and internal life details have remained undisclosed.

Sauce Gardner posed with his beloved family.
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She also has kept her presence away from social media and prefers to live without being in the spotlight. However, Sause and Allante go by the usernames @saucegardner and @allantemg_ on Instagram.

Sauce Gardner Parents: Momma Alisa Gardner Raised Him 

Alisa Gardner is the proud & strong mother to Sauce, Alexis, and Allante; she raised her three kids as a single mom.

Momma Gardner raised her children well despite financial difficulties, and the three grown-ups have become her best possession. She provided her family roof and food by working hard.

Sauce Gardner always has his family by his side in every step of his life.
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Furthermore, she never let them feel the absence of their father and supported them in pursuing their dreams. The footballer has forever reminded grateful for everything his mother did for him and nurtured him into a great man.

The athlete once begged her to buy him a PlayStation for Christmas during his childhood, and she made the impossible happen; although she wasn’t financially stable, she fulfilled her son’s wish. 

Sauce Credits His Success To His Mom

The footballer has always appreciated everything his mom sacrificed to ensure him a better career; he wouldn’t have made it this far without her constant & unconditional love and support.

Sauce Gardner and Alisa Gardner with their new car.
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Alisa worked overnight shifts at an automotive seating manufacturing factory as she had so much responsibility on her shoulder to help support her family of four.

Thus, since Sauce has now become an NFL athlete receiving an annual average salary of $8,362,700, he bought a new car in June 2022 and thanked God and his mother for everything. The athlete signed a four-year contract worth $38.7 million with the New York Jets on the 7th of May, 2022.

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