Bo Nix Brother Tez Johnson Is A Troy Wide Receiver

Bo Nix brother Tez Johnson announced he is entering the transfer portal on December 20. Tez is the adopted son of Patrick Nix.

Tez Johnson is the wide receiver of Troy Trojans and played the last game for them on December 17 against UTSA Roadrunners. He became part of the Nix family during high school.

Bo and Tez went to Pinson Valley High School and were coached by their dad Patrick Nix. If Tez announced he was entering the transfer portal last night, then Bo announced that he would continue his stay at the Oregon Football team two days ago. 

Johnson is younger than Nix by two years and has three more siblings, with the youngest, Caleb also being a football player at Clemson. 

Bo Nix Brother Tez Johnson Is A Troy Wide Receiver

Bo Nix brother Tez Johnson is a sophomore at Troy University and is part of the NCAA Division I with Troy Trojans.

Standing at 5ft 10, Tez Johnson is the wide receiver at Trojans. He attended the same high school as Bo, Pinson Valley High School. Tez was born to Shamika Posey and became part of the Nix family during his sophomore year of high school.

Tez is decked up in Pinson Valley High School football gear as he gets ready for the senior year
Source : instagram

At Pinson Valley, with Patrick Nix at the helm, Tez was able to lead the side to State Championship as a junior, and in his senior year, Pinson reached the semifinals.

At Troy, he played all 11 games as a freshman and ranked fourth in his team for per-catch average. In 2021, he had a breakout game against Southern Miss with 10 catches and became part of Troy history with a reception total equalling eighth most in a season. 

Tez Johnson with his biological mother Shamika Posey as he pays his tribute on his Instagram handle
Source : instagram

Tez is available on Instagram with the username @tezmania15, with most of his posts dedicated to his field of work. Though he might now be recognized as part of the Nix family, Tez has not forgotten about his biological mother Shamika.

He shared a photo of her and Krista (Bo Nix’s mother) on his Instagram handle, saying he was blessed to have two mothers in his life. 

With Tez deciding to enter the transfer portal, many football fans have encouraged him to join Bo at Oregon. 

Tez Johnson Joined Nix Family In High School

Tez Johnson became part of the Nix family during his sophomore year at the high school.

The American football coach introduced him to his family and quickly Tez was able to blend in with his four siblings, two of which are also collegiate football players. 

Tez Johnson Nix family at Pinson Valley High School in 2019 as he decides to join Troy
Source : instagram

Tez calls Patrick Nix his dad and is a regular feature on Krista Nix Instagram handle, Patrick Nix’s wife. Krista shared a sweet birthday message for Tez on his 16th birthday in 2018 as she wrote that not only has he been gifted with athletic ability but also with humour and an amazing heart.

In 2019, Krista shared a gallery of images as Tez committed to Troy University with Patrick and their two children also present in the ceremony. Earlier this year on May 18, 2022, Tez celebrated turning 20 as Krista and Patrick along with his sister came to pay him a visit at Troy Univerisity.

Tez Johnson with Patrick Nix, Krista Nix and Sarah Nix at Troy game on December 17, 2022
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Tez had the opportunity to train with his dad at Pinson Valley High School as Patrick was the coach at the time. And in 2020 Patrick moved to Phenix City Central High School. 

His move to Phenix allowed him to stay in touch with Tez as he opted to play for the Trojans that year. During his stay at Pinson, Patrick won the Class 6A state championships in 2017 and 2018 with Bo as the quarterback. 

Tez Johnson Siblings

Tez Johnson has seven siblings with four of them being brothers and three of them sisters. 

After Tez became part of the Nix family, he became a sibling to not only Bo but also to Caleb, Emma, and Sara. 

1. Bo Nix

Bo Nix in action for the Oregon University on October 13, 2022
Source : instagram

Bo Nix, age 22, is the oldest son of Patrick Nix and Krista Nix. Like Tez, Patrick graduated from Pinson Valley High School and won Alabama Mr. Football Award in his senior season. 

At the beginning of his collegiate career, Bo had committed to the Auburn football team, where his father was also the quarterback in his heyday. But Bo later changed his team to Oregon.

Bo Nix tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend on July 2, 2022
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He played with the Tigers for three seasons but couldn’t replicate his father’s success at Auburn. It is said that Bo left Auburn due to the uncertain coaching management at Auburn. Recently, Bo announced that he would return to Oregon for another college football season.

He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Izzy Smoke, earlier this year in July. The couple was engaged for a year before exchanging their vows in the presence of their family members. 

2. Caleb Nix

Caleb Nix with his mother Krista Nix in 2020 as he graduates from Central High School
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Caleb Nix, age 19, is the youngest son of Patrick Nix and Krista Nix. He plays as a safety for Clemson Tigers but was previously the quarterback at Center High School.

Caleb was an academic standout at Center High and had a record total of 67 touchdowns during his prep career and 38 touchdowns in his senior school. He made his debut in 2022 in collegiate football against Louisiana Tech.

3. Emma Nix

Emma Grace Davis with her husband at Thibodaux, Louisiana rooting for his baseball team
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Emma Nix, age 25, is the eldest child of Patrick Nix and Krista Nix. In 2020, Emma tied the knot with JD Davis, a baseball player and coach. 

Emma graduated from Auburn the same year and recently celebrated her husband completing his MBA from Kentucky University. 

4. Sarah Nix

Sarah Nix enjoys as family trip as her mother shares the picture on the occasion of her birthday in 2021
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Sarah Nix, the youngest child of the Nix family, is 15 years old. Supportive of her older siblings, Sarah is seen at the stadiums rooting for her bros. 

She was recently seen at Troy University cheering for Tez as he took the field against UTSA Roadrunners. 

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