Paddy Pimblett Sister Kirsty Nunnen Is A Craftsman And Makes Handmade Mesh Wreaths

Paddy Pimblett sister Kirsty Nunnen sells handmade mesh wreaths through her Instagram handle. Kirsty is an entrepreneur.

According to the MMA fighter, his older sibling is like his second mother and has always been by his side while he was trying to make a name for himself on the MMA scene. She is now married and has four kids.

Pimblett defeated the American UFC fighter Jared Gordon in the highly anticipated match on December 10 as he maintained his undefeated streak in UFC.

Though many have questioned the legitimacy of Paddy’s win as they thought the scouser was nowhere as good as Gordon. But the 27-year-old simply doesn’t care.

Paddy Pimblett Sister Kirsty Nunnen Is A Craftsman

Paddy Pimblett sister Kirsty Nunnen is a Liverpool based craftsman who makes handmade mesh wreaths.

The older sibling of the UFC fighter established her business in 2020. The pandemic might have brought out the inner creativity that Kirsty possessed. Even after two years, she has given continuity to her homegrown business. 

Kirsty Nunnen with her brother Paddy Pimblett and their parents.
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Paddy posted a sweet message on his Facebook handle on her birthday and shared a bunch of their photos. The fighter wrote he would always be thankful to his sister, who has acted as his second mum since he was a kid and is also his best friend. 

Kirsty Nunnen is a mother to four kids.
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And with Paddy’s victory last night, there is no doubt that Kirsty is over the moon. She was also greeted with the news about her wreaths doing well as she posted an Instagram story that she would soon reach out to all the inquiries.

Kirsty Nunnen shares her handmade Christmas wreath on her Instagram handle in 2020
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The mother of four, Kirsty encourages people to buy from small businesses, a message she leaves in all of her Instagram posts. She always promotes her friend’s businesses on her social media pages.

From Halloween to Christmas to Easter, you can find any kind of door wreath on Kirsty’s Instagram page. The Liverpool is available on Instagram with the username @wreaths_by_kirstyliverpool and has a growing number of followers.

Kirsty Nunnen Shares Four Kids With Her Husband Dale

Kirsty Nunnen and her husband Dale Nunnen have been married for a decade.

The two were longtime lovers and decided to marry in 2012. On their sixth wedding anniversary, Kirsty shared a collage photo of her and her better half from their marriage day till the present time.

Kirsty Nunnen shares a collage of photos with her husband Dale on the occasion of their sixth anniversary in 2018
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The couple is parents to four kids, including two girls and two boys. On her Facebook handle, Nunnen has shared the tiniest details of her children’s lives.

1. Joel Nunnen

Kirsty Nunnen with all of her four kids (from left to right): Joel, Kitty, small baby, Oscar
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Joel Nunnen, the oldest child of Kirsty and Dale, has shown interest in becoming a musician in the future. Kirsty shared a video of her son singing to Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph on her Facebook handle.

He has also participated in various shows and played piano with a British TV star. He also participated in a talent competition with his little sis, Kitty.

2. Kitty Nunnen

Kirsty Nunnen's daughter Kitty wins third position in Dance Lyrical in 2017
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Kitty Nunnen, 12, is a ballet dancer and also a gymnast. In 2017, Kitty made her family proud as she won the third position in the lyrical dance competition. 

Kirsty also shared a slow-mo video of her daughter performing gymnastics which was quite impressive as Kitty was only seven then. 

3. Oscar Nunnen

Kirsty Nunnen shares a family photo of her with her husband and their kids on her Facebook handle in 2019
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Oscar Nunnen, 9, is the third child of Kirsty and her husband, Dale. By Kirsty’s account, one can say that Oscar is probably the most mischievous out of all four.

The little boy was chuffed when he won two games at his friend’s birthday party and also gave a standout performance on the stage, showing that he could match Kitty’s dancing abilities. 

Kirsty has only shared the picture of her fourth child but has not given any information about her except that it was a second girl. Currently, Kirsty’s Facebook profile picture is that of her and her four kids.

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