Shawn Grate 911 Call From The Victims, More On The Abduction Case and Hearing

Shawn Grate is convicted to death for the murder of five women.
Shawn Grate is convicted to death for the murder of five women.

American serial killer Shawn Grate was caught after a victim succeeded in making a 911 call. The Ashland PD took immediate actions to save the woman, eventually leading to Grate's arrest. 

Shawn Grate is an American serial killer and sex offender. He pleaded guilty to murdering five women in Ohio from 2006 until his arrest in 2016.

Shawn is known for entrapping the victims with his good looks and charming personality. Further, he has been sentenced to death for the crimes he committed. His execution date is scheduled for March 19, 2025.

Abduction Victim 911 Call Led To Shawn Grate Arrest

Serial killer Shawn Grate was arrested after a victim made a 911 call. The victim Jane Doe called the police from the Ashland home where she was a hostage. 

The 38-year-old woman first met at the Ashland Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in 2016. The two became good friends and started meeting frequently.


On September 11, Shawn invited her to a home in Ashland. The survivor saw his true nature soon after entering the house. 

Shawn held Doe captive for three days, during which she was physically and sexually assaulted multiple times. She finally got an opportunity to make a 911 call when he was asleep. The police arrived at the right time to arrest Shawn as he had likely discovered the 911 call made by the victim.

Jane was lucky to have survived a predator like Shawn Grate. However, not all of his victims succeeded in surviving the serial killer. The police found the dead bodies of two women in the house where he had been living as an intruder.

Shawn Grate Murderer Case Hearing 

Shawn Grate was found guilty of the murder of five women and the abduction of one more.

His murder victims are Stacey Stanley, Elizabeth Griffith, Candice Cunningham, Rebekah Leicy, and Dana Lowrey. 

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Although Shawn openly confessed to murdering those women in media, he pled not guilty because of insanity. The insanity plea was dismissed after a jury found him sane when committing the murders.

Additionally, Shawn pled guilty to 15 of 23 counts charged against him. He was found guilty on all counts of murder and sexual assault and is sentenced to death. He will be executed in 2025.

Did Shawn Grate Have Children? Wikipedia And Family

Killer Shawn Grate fathers three children: two daughters named Kayle and Violet and a son named Dylan. 

Kayle is in her mid-20s, Dylan is 23 years old, and Violet is currently ten years old. Among his three children, Kayle was born from a relationship between Shawn and a woman named Steph. Similarly, his youngest child Violet, was born in his marriage to Amber Nicole Brown.  

A native of Marion, Ohio, Shawn came from an average family with parents Theresa McFarland and Terry Grate. He also has a brother named Jason and a half-sister, Barbara Charter. 

Shawn was a regular boy growing up, but his parents' divorce changed him. After his mother started living with a boyfriend, Shawn developed hatred and murderous fantasies. Further, he claims that all his victims had lost hope in their lives and welcomed death with open arms.

Is Shawn Grate Still Alive?

The convicted serial killer is still alive but is scheduled to be executed after less than two years. The death row inmate is currently 45 years old; he will be 47 at the time of his death.  

As of 2022, he is serving a sentence at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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