Stephen Bunting Has One Son Toby With Wife Keila Chisnall

Stephen Bunting wife Keila Chisnall is an employee at Gerard Arms in Dentons Green. Stephen and Keila have one son Toby.

Bunting and Chisnall have been with each other for eleven years since meeting for the first time in 2011. Keila lives in St Helens.

The couple from Merseyside, England, has pursued careers in different fields. Stephen followed his passion for playing darts, while Keila previously tried her luck working as a deputy general manager in an eatery.

Although Chisnall left her working career behind to care for their child, Bunting has been playing at the top level. Stephen is a professional darts player from England who participates in PDC competitions. Bunting, a two-time World Masters winner, won the 2014 BDO World Championship.

The St Helens native has won thirty-one tournaments with his two World Masters medals and BDO World Championship in 2014. He reached the quarterfinals of the most recent tournament, the 2023 World Championship. 

Stephen Bunting And Keila Chisnall Have Dated Each Other For Eleven Years

Stephen Bunting wife Keila Chisnall is a former employee at Dentons Green.

Stephen and Keila welcomed son Toby in 2012, a year after dating each other. His partner used to work in Dentons Green Ln, Saint Helens. She had a role as the Deputy General Manager at Gerard Arms, a traditional local pub with a vast selection of food and drinks on the outskirts of St Helens. 

Stephen Bunting and Keila Chisnall during his game on March 2020.
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According to her Facebook bio, she worked in the company for over seven years. She started her job on August 12, 2007, and worked until November 23, 2014. The bio also states that she is engaged to her husband-to-be, Bunting.

She was enrolled at Saint Cuthbert’s High School, a Roman Catholic secondary school in Newcastle. She left the school in 2001 and started her working career after a few years.

Stephen with his partner Keila and child Toby during a family dinner in 2021.
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Although she has not played any sports professionally, she has made a significant name in darts after her fiance’s heroics in recent years. She gained prominence after dating her partner, the 2014 BDO World Championship winner, Stephen. 

Keila is active on many social media platforms. She uses Facebook under the username @Keila Chisnall. The mother of one has posted thousands of pictures, most dedicated to Stephen and her child. Furthermore, she also has a TikTok account under the username @keilachiz. The mother of one has uploaded around fifteen videos with over a hundred likes from this account. 

The English Darts player celebrating Christmas in 2016 with his family.
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Based on her social media account, she is a huge animal lover and has three cats in her home. While mentioning the things she likes, Keila is also a massive fan of the English Premier League team, Liverpool. She is often seen in the team’s jersey and is present in their games. Her passion for the football team comes from her partner, who follows Liverpool FC and St Helens R.F.C.

In recent years, Keila has been seen in many tourist destinations worldwide with her partner and kid. For instance, she was in Elche, Spain, with her family of three. She is also one of the regulars at the Anfield Stadium during Liverpool games. 

Stephen Bunting Son Toby Bunting

Stephen Bunting son Toby Bunting is a huge sports fan who follows darts. Toby is ten years old.

Stephen and Keila announced their pregnancy via a Facebook post on March 8, 2012. Stephen posted a picture with a message saying that it was a boy. The couple welcomed their firstborn and only child on July 18, 2012.

Toby, age 10, has developed a passion for darts seeing his father play and win some of the biggest tournaments in the world. So it will not be surprising if he walks in his father’s footsteps and shines as a promising darts prodigy. He lives with his parents in St Helens, Merseyside, England.

Darts player Stephen holding a trophy with his kid Toby.
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Moreover, the young Bunting has been following football as his passion too. He is frequently seen in Liverpool’s jersey or wearing the player’s mask from the Merseyside-based club.

The arrival of Toby has inspired Stephen to be a better player. He has won over twelve darts tournaments after his child’s birth. The family of three has been enjoying holidays and vacations while traveling in different countries. In addition, they also lavishly celebrate Toby’s birthday on July 18 of every year.

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