Who Is @/Taliaabooth On Twitter? Account Shares Funny Viral Fight Videos

( Source : instagram )

@/Taliaabooth On Twitter is a funny collection of fights, especially between girls, that has piqued a lot of attention in just two months. 

@/Taliaabooth is a Twitter account registered in March 2022 and has been known for posting funny flight videos between girls. 

The collection of videos doesn't limit to a gender-based collection; however, you can watch exciting fights of boys, generally in high school or in the streets. 

 Who Is @/Taliaabooth On Twitter?

@/Taliaabooth real name remains anonymous. However, @/Taliaabooth Twitter bio reveals the info as "I TWT." 

Since the Twitter user name is @/Taliabooth, the users suspect the profile is run by a female name Taliaa, as most of the fight videos posted online are of girls. 

On recent Twitter and linked shared on 18 May, the profile user posted, SCROLL DOWN ON MY PAGE ON FOUR PARTS OF KINGQURAN / OLIVER6060 ONLYFANS LEAKED VIDEOS! #KingQuran #kingquranleak #oliver6060."

One of the Twitter users wrote, "PLEASE BE SAFE! the buffalo shooting at a grocery store is truly DISGUSTING & SICK! my heart goes out to them."

Meanwhile, the account is accountable for sharing sensitive videos of the shooting and funny fights relating to same or cross genders. 

On the hindside, if you are a hotheaded person, be aware of your videos getting leaked on @/Taliaabooth out of nowhere and used against your will. 

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@/Taliaabooth Viral Fight Videos Reddit

@/Taliaabooth viral videos are also shared on other social media platforms like Reddit once they go viral on Twitter spontaneously. However, there has been no similar account or profile on Reddit under the same name @/Taliaabooth. 

The real name and even age of the man behind @/Taliaabooth remains behind the curtain, which is not so obvious to speculate. 

@/Taliaabooth Twitter is known for uploading combat videos of boys from around the globe that adore a sense of humor. 

It has an extensive collection of street and high school fight videos featuring girls and boys. 

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Here is a link to a video:

The account has over 2k followers who like watching the combat vids that @/taliaabooth Twitter posts. The account only follows four people to date. 

For instance, a video captioned under 'fight at mcdonald’s #fighting #fights #boyfights #girlfights #Fightvideo'has over 25k views which was just posted on 11 May.

Similarly, a video of two schoolgirls fighting titled' school fights #schoolfights #fighting #Fights #girlfights has garnered over 147k views just in nine days.