thebausffs And His Girlfriend Julia Have Been Dating Since The Summer

Twitch streamer and gamer Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg revealed his new girlfriend Julia on Twitch. 

On Monday, November 14, he went public about his relationship with his girlfriend on a Twitch stream in one of his League of Legends videos. Thebausffs brought his partner home and showed her on the camera during one of his Twitch streams. 

Everyone was surprised when he entered the room with a young blonde lady holding his hands when he had just gone out of his room amid the stream. Then he revealed her to the world. Simon said, “This is her. There she is.”

Baus was playing League of Legends, and one hour in, he brought his stunning blonde beauty and introduced her as his new girlfriend to his fans. He talked about their relationship for a bit and then continued with his game.

Who is she, and how long have they been dating? Continue reading to find out.

Who Is Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg Girlfriend?

Thebausffs finally revealed his girlfriend, a stunning blonde beauty named Julia. She appeared on one of his Twitch live streams when he was playing League of Legends yesterday.

They have been dating since the summer. He can’t quite put a pin on how long and guessed it had been three to four months since they began dating.

Based on the comments left by his fans, he bought a house to move in with his girlfriend.

After his revelation, his followers went wild and could not believe that he was not single like they had presumed. Some individuals have not yet come to terms with the fact that she is his girlfriend. More than one has commented that Simon is only joking with them over his new relationship drama.

One of his followers wrote, “are we sure it’s not either a dude in disguise or a girl on the payroll?” However, most of his loyal supporters are happy that Thebausffs finally have a girlfriend. 

thebausffs brought her girlfriend on his live stream and showed his followers that he is not lying about having a hirlfriend.
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In addition, the Swedish streamer mentioned that many did not trust him when he claimed to have a girlfriend in his earlier videos, and he pointed out that this was something that was brought up.

Now, the problem with streamers, which is particularly true with male streamers who sit in a chair and play video games for the better part of the day, is that no one would think they had a social life outside of their online persona. So when he claimed to be in a relationship, only a few people believed, but the rest did not.

Thebausffs And His Girlfriend Have Been Dating Since The Summer

Thebausffs said he has been dating his new girlfriend since the summer, probably about three or four months ago.

In an exciting turn of events, Thebausffs said that he intends to marry her if everything goes according to his plans.

“She is great,” He said. “She makes my life a lot better.”

Following their lunch, she departed the room after he had shown her to his viewers live and introduced her to his fans. Thebausfs then elaborated on several comments, including his categorical denial that he had bribed her to appear.

After that, Simon talked about their relationship and when they started. According to him, the two of them have been dating since the summer, which would put their beginning somewhere between July and August of this year.

thebausffs with freelance esports host Eefje Depoortere in July 2021.
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In addition, Baus said that he is capable of instructing his followers on how to get a romantic partner “dating tip,” and he ridiculed those of his followers who had previously ridiculed him by asserting that the woman who appeared earlier was not really his girlfriend and that he is only fooling them.

Is Thebausffs Girlfriend Also A Streamer?

Thebausffs said he met his girlfriend on Twitchcon, so she is likely a streamer too.

Another YouTuber and streamer, Midbeast, who reacted to the video of Baus revealing his girlfriend said she is familiar to him. He also said that she had been in the most recent Twitchon and her name was Julia.

However, Baus has rejected disclosing any more information on her identity, and as a result, it is not known whether she is who Midbeast claims she is.

Besides, based on the brief appearances she made on Thebausffs stream a few days ago, it is evident that she is quite lovely and cut and has blonde hair. This is something that can be said with certainty.

Some FAQs

When did thebausffs and his girlfriend start dating?

According to Baus, they began dating this summer. That implements they started seeing each other in July of August.

Who is thebausffs girlfriend?

thebausffs did not reveal his girlfriend’s name but another youtuber Midbeast reacted to their video and recognized her as Julia.

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