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UK Parliament Member Tom Tugendhat Is Catholic With Jewish Ancestry, Does He Have Any Children?

Tom Tugendhat is British politician
Tom Tugendhat is British politician

Tom Tugendhat is a British politician serving as Tonbridge and Malling's Member of Parliament (MP) since 2015.

Following the news of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's resignation due to the continuous pressure from his fellow Conservatives, there is now a power surge in the country's top position. Tugendhat begins candidacy to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative leader.

In 2017, the British House of Commons saw the conservative party leader Tugendhat as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. But there has been a debate going on regarding his religious views.

UK Parliament Member Tom Tugendhat Religion - Is He Catholic Or Jewish?

The 49-year-old Brit politician has both Catholic and Jewish elements contributing to his origin in the first place. According to Wikipedia, he is "Catholic, with Jewish ancestry."

It all traced back to the first world war when his grandfather George was fighting for Emperor King Franz Josef of Austria and met his grandmother, a daughter of a man who died fighting for King-Emperor George V of Britain. Falling for her, his grandfather converted his religion to Catholicism to marry her.

In 1920, his grandfather moved in with her grandmother in London and became a Catholic. But before that, the place George grew up in, Vienna, although it is abundant with Jewish, the world war had people lose faith in religion.

Rather than cantors and rabbis, Freud and Hayek had their control, So Tom was never comfortable calling him Jewish. There is a whole history behind this.

Besides, he has spoken a few times about his religious outlook. He believes himself as a Catholic unionist. In the September of 2021, when a member of the Unionist Party, Stephen McCarthy, a working-class catholic background, was set on the course of running for Assembly election. Similarly, Tugendhat also tweeted about the politics involved in the Church of England. 

Tom Tugendhat Personal Life In a Nutshell, Wife and Children Details

Tom Tugendhat is married to Annisa Tugendhat, a French judge and senior government official. 

However, they revealed their engagement via tweet in 201. His Wikipedia bio page is also missing the wedding date. Besides, they have two children; a boy and a girl. 

Tom occasionally posts photographs of his children on Instagram, but he has not revealed their faces. Similarly, he has seldom posted images of himself with his wife on his social media accounts, making it difficult to learn about her aside from the fact that she is from France.

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Politician Tom Tugendhat Net Worth 2022 Update

According to Famous Birthdays, Tom Tugendhat has a guesstimated net worth of $1.5 million. 

The politician is considered one of the richest politicians in England. However, he has not disclosed his full financial details regarding all his income, assets, and sourcing.

Before entering politics, Tom worked as a writer and public relations consultant in the Middle East and served as a British Army reserves in the Afghanistan War.

Tugendhat currently lives in a house in South East England county, Kent, with his wife and children. 

Who are Tom Tugendhat Parents?

Tugendhat was born to the High Court Judge Sir Michael Tugendhat and his French wife, Blandine de Loisne, on June 27, 1973.

Tom Tugendhat father Michael Tugendhat
Tom Tugendhat father Michael Tugendhat( Source : co )

His ancestry comes of Austrian origin, his grandfather marrying a British woman and giving birth to a son in Britain who is his father, Michael. He marries a French woman and then comes Tom. 

Lord Tugendhat, a businessman, and Conservative Party politician is his uncle. Tom Tugendhat attended St Paul's School in London before studying Theology at the University of Bristol, followed by a Master's degree in Islamic studies at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, and Arabic in Yemen.

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