What Happened To Raul Rosas Jr Teeth? Face and Physical Attributes

Raul Rosas Jr is a rising star in the MMA Fighting industry.
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Raul Rosas Jr won the fight at age 17, but the headlines were about his unusual teeth. The boxer's face shape also startled some fans around the corner.

Rosas is a rising star in the MMA Fighting industry. He has made headlines after defeating Mando Gutierrez in his co-headlining Contender Series match.

Raul's performance on Dana White's Contender Series was so exceptional that he landed a deal with the most prominent MMA organization in the world. His fast growth in the MMA world resulted from his wins over opponents twice his age.

He proved that age is not a problem as he turned professional and started defeating competitors with significantly more experience. Rosas may only be a teenager, but he already holds the record for becoming the youngest UFC champion.

Quick Fact About Raul Rosas Jr:

NicknameEl Nino Problema
Date Of BirthOctober 8, 2004
Place Of BirthMexico
Height5feet 9inch
ProfessionMMA & UFC Athlete

What Happened To Raul Rosas Jr Teeth?

Raul Rosas Jr. is a rising young MMA fighter who has gained attention after defeating his opponent Gutierrez in a fight, and people are noticing his teeth and face.

 Raul Rosas Jr become youngest UFC fighter.
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People might be curious to know what happened to Raul Rosas's teeth; however, it has been discussed on Reddit that it could be Pallister W syndrome or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Pallister W syndrome is a rare genetic condition characterized by unusual facial characteristics such as the cleft palate and upper lip, broad flat nose, widely separated slanted eyes, or downward-slanting eyelid folds.

The term fetal alcohol spectrum disorders refer to a range of illnesses that can develop in a baby exposed to alcohol before birth. When a mother drinks during the first trimester, the child may suffer from serious facial deformations.

Raul Rosas Jr. hasn't talked openly about his teeth. He is confident and motivated to become the youngest UFC champion ever by winning a championship before turning 20. He was given a full-time UFC contract after the fight, and the organization's president, Dana sang "The Problem Child" for the announcement.

UFC Fighter's Physical Attributes

Raul Rosas Jr., who is just 17 years old, becomes the youngest UFC fighter ever. He is absolutely, positively talented and special as at just 17 years he made history by becoming the youngest fighter in UFC.

Raul Rosas became successful to land a deal full-time with the UFC.
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Raul Rosas Jr Height And Weight:

Raul Rosas Jr is 5 feet 9inch tall and weighs around 61kg. According to The Sun, Rosas said he began his amateur career at 15.

Rosas was 15 when he battled first, and at 16, he fought again as an amateur. Then, at age 17, he made his professional debut.

He engaged in a fight with 30-year-old opponents. He faced an opponent who was 33 or 34 years old. The youngest was about 25 or 26 years old.

Raul Rosas Jr Face:

Raul Rosas has a fair skin tone, but his facial structure differs from ordinary people's. As looking for his information, on Reddit, it was discussed that it might be because of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

A mother who drinks during the first trimester may suffer from severe facial deformations.

Raul Rosas Jr Parents And His Upbringing

Raul Rosas Jr was born to his parents in Mexico. Rosas is trained by his father, Raul Rosas Sr, he has kept his personal information hidden from the media, therefore there is no information on his mother.

Similarly, he has not made any mention of his siblings in public, so unclear if he is a single child of his parents.

Rosas is a professional boxer who has never lost a fight, and his new deal with the largest MMA organization in the world will completely transform his and his family's lives.

He needed approval from his parents and sponsors to obtain a license to compete in the Octagon because of his age.

He Made Professional Debut At 17

Raul Ross began his career as a player when he was fifteen years old, and at the age of seventeen, he made his professional debut as a UFC fighter.

Rosas sets high career expectations to become the youngest UFC champion
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He claimed that his team had to overcome obstacles to be eligible for a special license with the sponsorship and approval of the parents via the government. 

He has compiled 5-0 records during the course of his more than a two-year career. Raul has said in interviews that he has known what he wants since he was a young child.

Rosas may be young, but he has ambitions beyond simply competing in the UFC. In the octagon, he intends to break the record now held by Jon Jones, who won the title for the first time at the age of 23, by becoming the organization's youngest champion.

Rosas Jr Becomes Youngest UFC Champion

Raul Rosas Jr. is an MMA fighter who earned entry into the UFC after breaking the record in his fight on September 20, 2022. He won Dana's Contender Series 55 at the UFC Apex, where he greatly impressed the crowd.

Rosas Jr defeated Mando Gutierrez on the Dana Contender Series
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Mando Gutierrez, 25, was defeated by Rosas (6-0) in a unanimous decision with perfect 30-27 scores from all three judges. Rosas received a UFC contract as compensation from UFC president Dana, who remarked that the victory extended his unbeaten streak.

Rosas, a Mexican talent, was confident he would sign a deal despite many doubters because of his age. Since he started competing professionally, the Mexican claims that promoters have frequently been hesitant to book him due to his age; however, their hesitations have substantially reduced due to watching Rosas dominate everyone.

Raul Rosas Jr Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Raul Rosas Jr has a net worth of $500k according to Worthycelebs. His main source of income is, his career as a UFC fighter.

A professional UFC fighter is said to make around $5000 every match. Rosas is self-assured and has already established some very ambitious objectives for himself.

His situation hasn't been easy, though, as his age made it necessary for him to obtain a special license.

Some FAQs

What is the nationality of Raul Rosas Jr?

Raul Rosas Jr is Mexican by nationality. The boxer was born in Mexico; however, he now lives in Santa Rosa, California, United States.

Who is Raul Rosas Jr?

Raul Rosas Jr. is the youngest MMA fighter who got entry into the UFC after breaking the record in his fight on September 20, 2022.

Who are Raul Rosas Jr parents?

Raul Rosas was born to father Raul Rosas Sr in Mexico. He started fighting since he was 15 years old.