Where Is Patsy Perin Dubash Now? Pallonji Mistry Wife And Children Will Inherit The Fortune

Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry’s wife Patsy Perin Dubash now mourns her billionaire husband’s death at 93.  

One of the wealthies Irish billionaires, Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry, has recently passed away, leaving his wife, Patsy Perin Dubash, and family behind. He was an Indian-born Irish who was renowned for his businesses. 

Throughout his life, he earned his name as a chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group and for having a 17.3% stake in Tata Sons. He is also known as the world’s 143 wealthiest person. 

Losing him has been a massive loss to the country & in the business world. Contributing to the market for decades, he peacefully left the world on 28 June 2022. 

His beloved wife, who has supported him throughout his life, also helped him survive until the end. Here let’s hear more about the woman who has been with him in rain and shine. 

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Where Is Pallonji Mistry Wife Patsy Perin Dubash Now? Her Family Life

Pallonji Mistry’s wife Perin Dubash now grieves for her dear husband, who recently left this world at 93. She is an Irish-born national who married an Indian-born businessman. 

After getting hitched to Patsy, Pallonji gave up on his Indian citizenship and became an Irish citizen in 2003. Soon, the couple started their beautiful life by building a family in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Mistry’s wife supported her husband in every means of his career and also helped him survive until he passed away. 

As for Perin, she was born in Dublin and grew up there while pursuing her career. Despite being the wife of a renowned businessman, she has preferred to live a low-profile and private life. 

Who Are Patsy Perin Dubash Children? Meet Her Son & Daughter 

Patsy Perin Dubash shares four children with her late spouse, Pallonji Mistry. She has two sons and a daughter, who are successful in their own life. 

She welcomed her first child, Shapoor Mistry, in 1964, who operates the Shapoorji Pallonji Group as an elder son of the family.   Meanwhile, the couple’s second son Cyrus Mistry is known for serving the Tata group as a chairman for years. 

Her elder daughter Laila is successful in her life, while her younger daughter Aloo is happily married to Ratan Tata’s half-brother Noel Tata. 

All her sons and daughters have helped Pallonji survive until the last day of his life. Hopefully, they remain strong in these difficult hours while he peacefully rests. 

Look Into Patsy Perin Dubash Net Worth 2022 As A Billionaire Wife

As per the Independent.ie, the Mistry family has a combined net worth of euro 16.1 bn, including his wife, Patsy Perin Dubash. As a member of one of the wealthiest families, she must have a fortune. 

Moreover, she is the wife of Pallonji, whose estimated worth was US$28 billion on 9 April 2021. He recently passed away, leaving his billions behind, and his wife & children will inherit it in the coming days.

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