Enya Umanzor Parents – Meet The Youtuber’s Mom And Dad On Instagram

Enya Umanzor’s mom’s death news has been circulating on the internet, and people are curious to know about her personal life. Who is her dad? Here is everything you need to know about her, including her parents and Wikipedia bio.

Enya is a famous Youtuber and social media personality. Her journey in the digital world began through the app Vine where she had reached 500k followers. However, the app was taken down, which forced Enya to move into Youtube.

The American social media influencer joined Youtube in 2014. Since then, she has gathered over 74 million views on the platform, and her popularity curve has risen in a straight line.

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Who Are Enya Umanzor’s Parents? Details About Her Mom And Dad 

After Enya Umanzor’s mother’s death, fans are eager to know about her father. Scroll down to know more about her parents.

In one of her videos, Enya mentioned the death of her mother, and also shared her feelings after her mother’s demise. She further stated she got abandoned by her mother when she was six years old. But she didn’t reveal the cause.

Furthermore, the American Youtuber said that her mother used to contact her through her father, particularly to wish her a happy birthday. As described in her video, her mother passed away in January.

The social media influencer broke down in tears while addressing fans about her mother’s demise. May God provide the strength and courage to overcome this tough time.

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Enya Umanzor Wikipedia Bio Explored

Enya Umanzor is a famous social media content creator, but her bio is still missing from the official Wikipedia page.

Umanzor was born and raised in Miami, Florida, United States. She has amassed over 1 million subscribers on Youtube, where she posts content related to make-up, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more.

During the early stage, she used to post on family, study, friends, etc., related topics. However, the artist found success in makeup-related content later.

Enya Umanzor Age: How Old Is She?

Enya Umanzor is 23 years of age in 2022. She was born on January 22, 1999, in Miami, Florida.

The Florida native social media influencer began her journey in 2014 and quickly became popular. She likes to describe herself as a beauty blogger, although she frequently posts personal blogs as well.

The 23-year-old blogger grew up with her two siblings, Sophia and Dontae. Currently, she is enjoying her life on social media.

Meet Enya Umanzor On Instagram

Enya Umanzor is active on Instagram under the username @enyaumanzor.

The Floria-based blogger has amassed over 1 million followers on the platform and has made 828 posts from her account. Meanwhile, she is following 404 users.

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