Who Is Chris Crook- Christy Altomare Boyfriend? Meet The Actress’ Childhood Crush

Christine “Christy” Altomare is an actress and singer-songwriter from the United States who recently engaged her middle school sweetheart Chris Crook. 

Christine came to her hometown of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to make her solo concert debut in June 2021, with New York City’s theater sector at a standstill for the majority of the two years since the musical had closed.

Altomare had no idea that her middle school crush was in the audience or that her trip to the past would lead to a bright new future. 

Who is Chris Crook?

Chris Crook is a software engineer from Pennsylvania.

Chris Crook and Altomare grew up together and even shared the stage in a middle school production of Big The Musical when they were both 12 years old. However, the two lost contact shortly after that. Crook started life in Pennsylvania with his then-wife, while Altomare chased her goals in New York City and finally got engaged. 

Crook hadn’t seen one of Altomare’s performances in years and chose to go to Altomare’s solo show with his mother and sister last year. The two were once again single and found themselves in the same spot at the same time.

They met again the next day, this time at Bill Hallman’s funeral, who directed them in their middle school production of Big in 2000.

The couple subsequently began dating, which was amazing.

Are Chris Crook and Christy Altamore engaged?

Chris Crook and Christy Altamore announced their engagement on Instagram with a lovely video of the two of them together.

It was a touching two-minute clip about their reunification and engagement after 20 years apart.

Crook invited Altomare back to the Bucks County Playhouse on Saturday to propose in the same area where they reunited, and they celebrated with dinner and a show that night.

It was the couple’s perfect day, and it blew their minds, but they were in love. 

Meet The Couple On Instagram

Christy Altamore, a well-known singer, has an Instagram account called @christyaltomare. She has over 126k followers and follows over 1000 accounts on Instagram. 

Crook, on the other hand, has a private Instagram account @cpcrook.

Christy announced her engagement on the 8th of February 2022, and it has over 43 thousand views and a large number of well-wishers.

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