Who Is Danny Fairbrass Wife? Korda Businessman Whereabouts In 2022

Danny Fairbrass, known by his name Gaffer(boss), is the Founder and managing director of Korda company.

Danny belongs to the small village of Southend-on-Seas in the United Kingdom. In his early childhood, he spent most of his time Crap fishing at the club Lakes, which he could reach by bus or bike.

Fairbrass is mostly known for his passion for fishing at an early age, and he later made a career out of it. Besides, the Fisherman has a youtube channel also, where he posts about his fishing techniques and related stuff. He shares most of his fishing experience on social media and youtube, giving lots of new ideas to those with the same interest.

However, in his personal life, his time is not well organized between fishing and traveling to different places like France and Belgium and his work Commitments with Korda, Guru, and TV Shows like Masterclass. Just a few years ago, in January 2017, Danny was diagnosed with skin cancer, followed by the removal of a mole, and right after the operation, it ended.

Who Is Danny Fairbrass Wife?

Danny Korda’s wife is yet to be mentioned on the internet. 

However, he may not want to reveal his family information online. The managing director does not have a presence on Facebook or Twitter, but people can contact him through his Gmail.

As per the rumor, Korda’s business Danny is yet to be married. His parent’s and soul mate’s information are not publicly available on the website.

Moreover, it looks like Danny wants to keep his personal life private and yet to make any social media accounts. Danny loves fishing and traveling to new places, so maybe because of his less free time, he is not married yet.

Korda Businessman Age & Whereabouts 2022

Danny Fairbrass, famously known for fishing, was born in 1970 in Southend-Sea, United Kingdom. Danny Fairbrass is currently 22 years old.


Even from Danny’s early childhood, he had shown interest in crap fishing. The Fisherman caught his first double aged fifteen, a 10lb 14oz at The Little Grange. Besides more in Essex, he waited for six years, fishing at weekends and sometimes he spends overnight on weekdays.

However, around twenty-one years ago, Fairbrass regularly went fishing outside the country, like in Holland, Belgium, and France. In his life, the favorite part of Danny’s career is the Waters of Lac Du Der Chantecoq, which is spread over a total area of 16000 acres of the reservoir in the Champagne Region.

Although Fisherman had crossed 50 years old, he doesn’t look old and maintains his body well. Moreover, till now, Danny has explored new places and found new ideas for his business ”Korda”.

Danny Fairbrass Net Worth 

The Fisherman Danny Fairbrass Networth is approximately around $3 to 5 million.

Moreover, his wealth and earnings are mostly surrounded by his fishing career. Danny has made a fortune out of many tv shows and fisheries with several more independently water.


Initially, Korda owns the other fishing company, also popularly known as its sister Guru. The unveiling of the krusha is one of the best-selling crap fishing products ever in the fishing world.

In addition, Guru is the sister of Korda Development Limited, is privately owned business. This company is privately engaged in the design and manufacture of fishing tackle and the production of angling films for a variety of platforms.

However, Danny seems too passionate about his crap fishing career while watching his photos on social media and the internet. Following his hobby, he had made millions of dollars from this business and had been spending a wonderful life.

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