Who Is Dr Orly Lavee? Andrew Okeefe Ex-Partner & Assault Allegations -Details To Know

Dr. Orly Lavee is a blood specialist from Australia and the ex-partner of TV personality Andrew Okeefe.

Dr. Orly Lavee is a well-respected medical specialist working in Sydney. Besides, she faced the sick truth of degrading mental health as she came on the receiving end of it.

The injuries inflicted on her by Andrew Okeefe include a lip and bruises in the back.

Indeed, the manic runs in the bloodline as his uncle Johnny O’Keefe gives two months of every year to treat his symptoms.

Who Is Dr. Orly Lavee? What Is The Age Difference Between Andrew Okeefe And Ex-Partner?

Dr. Orly Lavee was a committed relationship with Australian TV host Andrew Okeefe and had an age difference of almost a decade.

After two years of courtship, they decided to part ways. The pair even shared a home in Randwick. Along with physically threatening her life, the host had multiple adulterous flings.

After the unfortunate event, he willingly got admitted to a Psychiatric hospital. 

Was Dr. Orly Lavee A Victim Of Sexual Assault?

In June of the last year, Dr. Orly Lavee got attacked by her spouse as he spat and booted her in the darkness of an alleyway. In a story by the Daily Mail, the 49-year-old got charged with three accounts of assault.

Reports alleged that the host suffered from substance abuse and bipolar disorders, prompting him to get outbursts of hyper-mania. The excuse worked as he got pardoned on two out of three accounts.

Lastly, an apprehended violence order got set between the couple as he avoided jail time.

Orly Lavee Age And Wikipedia- How Old Is She?

Medical specialist Dr. Orly Lavee is around 41 years old. As her fame only lasted because of her publicized relationship with Okeefe, she has yet to have a Wikipedia page.

According to her LinkedIn, she is an ex-pupil of St. Vincents Public School. Later, she got a double degree in Science and medicine when she attended the University of New South Wales.

She is a notable hematologist and has experience working with malignant and non-malignant hematology.

Indeed, she started her journey at St Vincent’s Hospital in 2016 as a consultant and has been there since.

Previously, she did work in The Kinghorn Center, where the timeline was brief.

Meet Dr. Orly Lavee On Instagram- Where Is She Now?

Dr. Orly Lavee is not available on Instagram. After the whole debacle with her ex-partner, she moved to harborside after she purchased a three-bedroom apartment.

The Piper point home cost the doctor three million dollars and had a 1920s Spanish Missionary look.

The mansion overlooks the Lady Chinamans Beach and is on top of a sizeable land.

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