Who Is Jasmin Gnu On TikTok? Instagram Influencer And Fitness Guru

Jasmin Gnu has expanded to TikTok and has quickly gained fame on the platform. Learn what we know about her.

Jasmin Sibel is a Twitch streamer from Germany. Since April 2015, the content creator has been actively streaming on the platform.

She has three YouTube channels in addition to her broadcast. Gnu is Germany’s largest female gaming influencer.

Who Is Jasmin Gnu On TikTok?

Jasmin alias Gnu is a graphic artist who later earned a master’s degree in gaming.

She launched her YouTube account as a side project to her studies in March 2015. More than 1,100 videos have been published there since then.

She is now primarily active on YouTube and Twitch. She showcases many games, most recently Among Us and Dead by Daylight, as well as various, sometimes bizarre simulators such as Perfect Wax 3D and the Plastic Surgery Simulator.

In 2018, Gnu had a lot of success with Fortnite. Many of their most-watched videos, which have between 2 and 2.5 million views, are about battle royales.

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Jasmin Gnu Age & Real Name Explored

Jasmin Gnu is 33 years of age. Jasmine Sibel is her real name.

Jasmin had a passion for gambling from an early age. However, she did not start her YouTube account until she was 25 years old.

She began her Twitch stream about two weeks later. Her stream, in particular, immediately gained a sizable following.

Gnu saw significant increases in popularity in the spring of 2020 and late summer of the same year. Collaborations with other streamers and YouTubers and participation in numerous initiatives can largely explain this.

She was able to capitalize on the frenzy surrounding the ghost hunting games Phasmophobia and Among Us in particular.

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Meet On Jasmin Gnu Instagram

Jasmin Gnu is available on Instagram as 2jasmingnu.

Gnu is Germany’s largest female gaming influencer. Gnu was the first German video game YouTuber to reach one million subscribers.

Her Instagram follower count is just shy of 350k, which she will hit soon.

Gnu emphasized the growing importance of gaming among women and girls on Twitter on February 12th.

Gnu has received a lot of support for the milestone from the industry and German gaming stars, particularly on Twitter.


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