This Is How Chris Barnett Made A Net Worth of $800 Thousand

Chris Barnett celebrates his win against Jake Collier
Chris Barnett celebrates his win against Jake Collier ( Source : cbssports )

Chris Barnett is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC heavyweight division and has a net worth of $800 thousand. 

Barnett began his professional fighting career in 2009, specializing in the Xtreme Fighting Championships, and had a good start. Besides, he has participated in prominent Asian fight clubs, including Inoki Genome Federation, Road Fighting Championship, and Rizin Fighting Federation.

Nicknamed "Beast Boy" and "Huggy Bear" due to his sturdy and muscular build, Barnett has emerged as one of the most formidable opponents in the UFC heavyweight division as of late. His record at the championship stands at 23-8-0 (W-L-D) to date.

Barnett stood out in a few different ways. He came from a taekwondo-practicing household with a modest but well-respected Air Force father. He was a small-college wrestler who had practiced judo with a colleague because, to be honest, Campbellsville, Kentucky, doesn't have a lot of other things to do. The article will discuss how he made a fortune from being a taekwondo player to a UFC heavyweight fighter.

Quick Facts About MMA Fighter Chris Barnett

Full NameChris Barnett
BornJune 14, 1986
BirthplaceZaragoza, Spain
Net Worth$800,000
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight268 lb (122 kg)
ProfessionUFC Heavyweight Fighter
NicknameBeast boy

Chris Barnett roars at camera to show his power
Chris Barnett roars at camera to show his power( Source : asianmma )

How Chris Barnett Made A Net Worth of $800 Thousand?

The American pro Heavyweight MMA Fighter Chris Barnett has a net worth of $800 thousand as of mid-2022.

Though the UFC fighter has not made his financial details transparent, the topology site claims that Beast boy, aka Barnett, roughly earns around $50,000 a year throughout all his fighting.

By 2022, the typical UFC fighter will earn $160,000; however, this will vary according to their backgrounds and classifications. Based on contracts, the compensation varies from $10,000 to millions.

The Irish professional MMA fighter Conor McGregor is on the list of Forbes the world's highest-earning athletes in 2021 with an alleged $180 million in revenue. In addition, McGregor appeared on the list again in 2018, coming in at number four with a reported income of $99 million. This proves that there is no perimeter on how much a fighter can make from his profession. The sky is the limit. 

Back to Barnett, he just began to make an impact on big games, and though his net worth might come short at times, it is destined to grow as he progresses in the coming days. As a sports player, having multiple sponsorships backing up the revenue is equally important. And though the 36-year-old fighter does not have any lucrative deal, for the time being, a big brands company will soon come and make a deal with him.

Barnett arrived at this XFC trial seeming more like a lumbering former wrestler than a trained, agile martial artist. Few present likely learned about the audition as Barnett did in a Tampa bar after observing that another guy's breakdancing techniques were martial arts-like. As soon as he saw the man's XFC shirt, he grabbed a flyer for the audition, and the rest is history.

Chris Barnett punching Jake Collier in UFC 279 match
Chris Barnett punching Jake Collier in UFC 279 match ( Source : itnwwe )

Does UFC Fighter Chris Barnett Have A Wife? Is He Married?

The sky falls upon Chris Barnett as his beloved wife passed away untimely in May of this year after losing a fight with encephalitis.

Tragedy struck the UFC fighter household as her wife (name undisclosed) took her last breath in the hospital. She suffered from encephalitis and was hospitalized for quite a while before her demise.

The tragic news was announced by professional ring announcer Christopher James on his Twitter account. The news report revealed that Barnett's wife had been battling encephalitis for 90 days, and she eventually departed in May.

Before his April match against Martin Buday at UFC Vegas 51, heavyweight Chris Barnett was dealing with significant family concerns. About 30 hours prior to the battle, the 36-year-old fighter was notified by phone regarding the condition of his ill wife and was instructed by his physicians that he ought to make a decision.

He chose to go with the Buday fight despite being unable to continue due to an unintentional elbow to the back of the head. He ultimately lost the bout through a technical decision.

What Happened To Chris Barnett's Wife?

On February 8, 2022, Bernett's wife was rushed to the hospital after a medical emergency because of her illness. She was suffering from encephalitis.

It is an inflammatory condition of the brain's active tissues brought on by an autoimmune response or an infection. The swelling of the brain illness can induce seizures, migraines, stiff necks, light sensitivity, and mental disorientation.

Bernett said e was all well when he left the house for his UFC match, but suddenly, he got a phone call from the hospital about her wife. Three months later, she passed away without alarm, leaving her husband and their kids behind.

Chris said that he didn't consider his strategy for the battle itself while it was happening. Instead, he was preoccupied with thoughts about his wife, family, and his kids' feelings the entire time he was inside the Octagon.

Catastrophe In Family, A Husband Lost A Wife, Kids Lost A Mother

The 36-year-old Tampa-based MMA fighter, Chris Barnett, has two kids with his late wife.

Both of his children, a son, and a daughter, were devastated by their mother's passing. Barnett has uploaded pictures of his two children on his Instagram. His son's name is Pablo Barnett, and they named his daughter Zenyay Barnett.

Most of his followers, supporters, and UFC employees expressed their sorrow and sympathies to the family on social media. Those with Barnett met him in person and spoke about the situation with him. It is a saddening moment, especially for his little kids who now have to grow up without a mother, some users said on Instagram. 

Chris Barnett uploaded a picture of his kid on Instagram
Chris Barnett uploaded a picture of his kid on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

Chris Barnett Age And Early Life in Zaragoza, Spain

UFC heavyweight fighter Chris Barnett was born on June 14, 1986, and his present age is 36. 

Before moving to Colorado and Germany, Barnett's family resided in Spain, where he was born. After that, he started training in martial arts. The family moved about a bit before settling in Georgia when he was about four.

He began learning martial arts at age five, and both of his parents are gurus in Taekwondo. At the age of six, Barnett started his first lesson with his father, but his elder brother, Curtis, who was five years older, was already enrolled.

Bond With His Elder Brother Curtis

When Chris and Curtis were at school, and his mother and father were working, the entire family would gather in the gym for training and lessons in the afternoon. Even as his father and brother were receiving advanced training, Barnett brought schoolwork for them to finish.

Taekwondo has also been beneficial for Barnett's brother Curtis. In order to be eligible to test out for the American Olympic Taekwondo Team, the 41-year-old won the middleweight title in USA Taekwondo in 2009.

When Barnett first triumphed over his brother in a battle, he was 14 years old. They used to battle all the time in the living room, bedroom, and everywhere they found a little space to perform their moves.

Chris said, "He came at me, and he hit me with about the hardest roundhouse kick I ever faced, right in the ribs. But I got to him, I slammed him to the kitchen floor and from there it was just ground and pound."

Chris Barnett has an elder brother Curtis
Chris Barnett has an elder brother Curtis ( Source : news )

Interesting Facts About Chris Barnett Career

  • Tampa native Barnett debuted as a professional fighter in 2009 in the Xtreme Fighting Championships {XFC). The young 22-year-old Chris made an impression at the XFC trials and competed in four amateur fights to gather experience.
  • The XFC brass showed short interest after realizing the combination of strength and talent. To familiarize him with MMA, they signed him up for amateur fights. In April 2009, he defeated an extremely skilled opponent in Johnathan Ivey, who had approximately 70 professional fights.
  • After 12 years, Barnett received a call from the UFC asking him to step in against Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 188 on May 22, 2021, in Askar Mozharov's place on short notice. The second round of the fight saw him lose through submission.
  • Most recently, Barnett combated Jake Collier at UFC 279 on September 10, 2022. He was knocked down and subjected to a lot of ground and pound in the first round, but he recovered to TKO, the opponent in the second. Barnett exceeded the non-title heavyweight limit by 1.5 pounds when he was weighed in at 267.5 pounds; hence 20% of Barnett's earnings from the march would go to Collier.
  • Barnett was banned for four and half months when it was revealed that he had tested positive for drugs after his UFC debut in September 2021. He was then able to make a comeback on October 6, 2021.