Jonathan Pearce UFC Tattoo Meaning Is Not Cigarette Like Fans Initially Thought

Jonathan Pearce UFC tattoo means a wrestling mat and not a cigarette like fans initially believed. Pearce got the ink in 2012.

Pearce has inked a small symbol related to his profession on his upper body. The mixed martial artist has a thin rectangle inside a circle, and one end is inked red which seems like a burning cigarette.

However, the meaning behind the art is not related to smoking but to wrestling. He got it on his body in 2012 and shared the moment of having one on his social media platform. It has been a decade since Jonathan got the wrestling mat inked on his chest.

Jonathan Pearce UFC Tattoo Meaning

Jonathan Pearce UFC tattoo means a wrestling mat and not cigarette butts.

Pearce’s thin rectangle shape chest art inside a circle doesn’t denote a cigarette but a wrestling mat. Many fans confused the ink on his chest to be a puff, as the shape is identical and one end of the design is red colored. 

Jonathan Pearce's chest design denotes his love and passion for wrestling.
Source : instagram

However, the mixed martial artist’s body art has nothing to do with smoking or any signs relating to it. Some fans also thought it was a USB car charger. 

When Pearce made a post on his Instagram on the 5th of July 2022, a user named Marcus Kennedy asked him what the design represented out of his girlfriend’s curiosity, to which he replied that it was a wrestling mat.

It cleared the confusion of many people who thought the design he got had different meanings. Jonathan had previously disclosed that the ink he got was related to wrestling when he revealed it for the first time in 2012.

Jonathan Pearce Has Multiple Tats

Jonathan Pearce has multiple inks on his body with the most interesting one being on his chest. 

Jonathan is one of the many fighters fascinated with getting body designs, but he hasn’t drenched his whole physique with ink. 

He has one on his left upper body and a few on his right lower body. All the tats he has gotten are visible while fighting and posing in the ring while celebrating his victory.

Jonathan Pearce's reply to Marcus Kennedy when asked the meaning behind his body art.
Source : instagram

Likewise, his opponents, including Darren Elkins, Christian Rodriguez, and Omar Morales, also have body art. Darren has inked THE DAMAGE and has other designs on his hands. Similarly, Christian and Omar have covered their left arms with different patterns.

The MMA fighter who fights under the ring name JSP has released a shirt, “JSP” Pearce Tee, with the same design he has on his chest. The back of the t-shirt reads no mercy, no quit with two lightning bolt symbols.

Jonathan Pearce Inked Wrestling Mat In 2012

Jonathan Pearce got his chest inked with the thing closest to his heart in November 2012.

Pearce chose a wrestling mat out of many other designs he could have gone with because he is very close to wrestling. The fighter began wrestling when he was 12 and became a state runner-up wrestler while he attended Science Hill High School.

Jonathan Pearce got his chest inked in November 2012.
Source : instagram

The mixed martial artist shared himself getting tatted with the caption Ink on the 10th of November 2012. A tattoo artist is hunched over his body as he begins drawing out the pattern.

He finally revealed the completed symbol on the 21st of November of the same year and wrote, “Everyone wants to be the best, but only few work for what that want.” Since then, Pearce has shared multiple photos and videos of him with the body art. 

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