UFC: Jinh Yu Frey Husband Douglas Frey And 5 Family Facts

Jinh Yu Frey is a Korean-American mixed martial artist, and her husband, Douglas Frey, is the head coach of Frey MMA/10th Planet North Dallas.

The young female warrior has been married to her partner for a considerable amount of time at this point. The couple dated for a total of four years before deciding to eventually be married.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight class is where Jinh Yu Frey is competing at the present time (UFC). She previously held the title of Invicta FC Atomweight Champion.

Who Is Jinh Yu Frey’s Husband?

Jinh Yu Frey and husband Douglas Frey have been married for ten years now.
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Douglas Frey is Jinh Yu Frey’s husband. Both of them have been married for the past decade now.

Before getting married, Douglas and Jinh Yu dated for a total of four years before tying the knot. Taking into account the time they spent dating before they got married, the couple had been together for a total of fourteen long years.

Who Is Jinh Yu Frey?

Jinh Yu Frey competes in the strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
Source : instagram

The upcoming fight between Jinh Yu Frey and Polyana Viana at UFC Fight Night has gotten Jinh Yu Frey some media attention. 

Her opponent will be Polyana Viana. The two are battling against one another in order to get themselves back into the winning column.

The combatant was born in Arkansas, but her family moved about quite a bit. Despite this, she has spent her entire life in Texas. As Jinh Yu is a family person, here are some interesting family facts about Jinh Yu.

Five Jinh Yu Frey’s Family Facts

Jinh Yu Frey is a family person, who enjoys traveling with her husband.
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1. Jinh Yu Frey’s First Meeting With Her Husband Was Amusing

The tale of how the two of them first crossed paths is quite comical.

The other members of Jinh Yu’s team that she was with were all male. Because of this, Douglas reasoned that Jinh Yu must already have a significant other. Therefore, he began making advances at her sister, which prompted her to tell him to stop. The weigh-ins were attended by Douglas.

Later on, they were all in the same town, and when they got there, they all went to the same restaurant. Jinh Yu struck up a conversation with her after a few drinks, and the two of them soon began dating.

Jinh Yu Frey and her husband, Douglas Frey.
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2. Jinh Yu and Her Husband Take Pleasure in Going on Trips Together

Both Jinh Yu Frey and her husband, Douglas Frey, like experiencing new places.

The two of them set aside money throughout the year in order to go backpacking, and then they select a destination.

Every time they go somewhere new, the two of them aim to take on at least one difficult physical test. Climbing a glacier or going on a ridiculously long hike are two activities that the two like doing together.

Jinh Yu loves traveling and partaking in extreme activities with her husband.
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3. Jinh Yu’s Husband Is Also Involved With Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The battle record of Jinh Yu’s husband is somewhere around 30. However, he has been a wrestler throughout his entire life.

He has a very long history of participation in this endeavor. However, he is now retired and spends his attention on Jinh Yu, managing her wrestling matches as well as her nutrition, strength, and conditioning.

Douglas Frey, Jinh Yu's husband is retired but coaches her.
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4. Jinh Yu Has Many Siblings

There is one complete older brother, two younger half-brothers, and one younger half-sister in the family of Jinh Yu.

Jinh Yu has an elder brother as well as half-siblings from her father's second marriage.
Source : instagram

5. Jinh Yu’s Mother Is Mentally Ill

Jinh Yu was born in the United States to an American mother and a Korean father.

However, when she was still little, her parents went their separate ways. After divorcing Jinh Yu’s mother, her father wed a Korean woman and started a new life with her. However, Dad passed away when she was still a small child.

Because of her mental illness, her mother is unable to provide a lot of information that is credible regarding the family’s life.

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