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Kalvin Phillips And His Two Sisters Lacreasha And Deren Phillips Were Born As Triplets

Kalvin Phillips Was Born As A Triplet Along With His Two Other Sisters
Kalvin Phillips Was Born As A Triplet Along With His Two Other Sisters( Source : instagram )

Kalvin Phillips and his two sisters were born triplets but his sister Lacreasha passed away too soon. Kalvin and his sister Deren Phillips are called twins because of that.

Kalvin's twin sister Deren Phillips is a team leader at St Giles. He is an English professional footballer who competes for the England national team and the Premier League club Manchester City as a midfielder.

He signed a deal with Premier League team Manchester City in June 2022, where he will continue progressing as a professional football player. He began his journey with Leeds United in 2015, the club his parents and grandparents had supported for ages.

Currently, he is in Qatar to play for the England National Football Team in the FIFA World Cup 2022, and he and the team collectively hope to bring the FIFA World Cup to their nation for the second time in their history. They have already qualified for the last 16 of the tournament, and their performance in this edition of the World Cup looks promising.

At best, the Manchester City player was a remote candidate for the England team two years ago. Fast-forward to the Euro 2021, where England defeated Croatia 1-0 at Wembley with Kalvin Phillips as their outstanding player. He is doing similarly this year, and with their passion and commitment, they are anticipated to win the championship.

Kalvin Phillips And His Two Sisters Were Born As Triplets

Kalvin Phillips and his two sisters were born as triplets to parents Lindsay Phillips. Kalvin and his sister are 26 years old.

Kalvin shared great relations with his sisters, Lacreasha Phillips and Daren Phillips, and his brother Terrell Phillips. His sister Lacreasha passed away after a few months.

Every day on December 2, Kalvin and his sister Daren wish Lacreasha a happy birthday as well. They celebrate their birthdays by picking up flowers to put on her grave. Kalvin remembers her even when he plays. To remember her, he got a tattoo symbolizing her on his arm. He kisses it before pointing to the sky.

On their 25th birthday, Kalvin posted a picture of them as babies on Twitter and Instagram with the caption: "Happy birthday to my two beautiful sisters! One that’s always beside me and one that is always looking over me. I love you."

Kalvin is in the middle in a blue outfit, while his two sisters are on either side of him in a matching pink outfit.

Kalvin Phillips Grew Up With His Three Other Siblings Including His Twin Sister Deren Phillips
Kalvin Phillips Grew Up With His Three Other Siblings Including His Twin Sister Deren Phillips ( Source : instagram )

The family is still grieving for the late Lacreasha Phillips, but life has to move forward, and so does the Phillips family. They had lost a child, and it haunts them to date, but they have overcome the sorrow. They are busy with their own life, but they occasionally enjoy their time as a family whenever they squeeze time out of their busy schedule.

The other triplet, Deren Phillips, is an established businesswoman and a leader at a non-profit organization based in London. The other siblings have also established themselves in their respective careers.

Kalvin Phillips Twin Sister Deren Phillips Is Team Leader At St Giles Trust

Kalvin Phillips and his sister Deren Phillips are triplets but identify as twins. Deren is a philanthropist and one of the most vocal human right activist.

Deren was a project coordinator and an active team leader before taking charge of a SOS+ team at St Giles in April 2022. She joined the company in October 2020. Her main focus within the organization is developing a setting where individuals can overcome challenges through peer-based social action.

Each year, the organization helps 25K people with services that include assistance for vulnerable adults and children who are involved in or at risk of being exploited by the criminal justice system.

Kalvin Phillips Sister Deren Phillips Is Team Leader At St Giles Trust
Kalvin Phillips Sister Deren Phillips Is Team Leader At St Giles Trust ( Source : linkedin )

The company recruits individuals who have experienced similar situations and uses their stories to encourage and support those who are going through them.

Deren also falls into this group because her father is well-known for being a former drug user and trafficker who has been in and out of prison numerous times. The strength of receiving assistance from someone who has been there before supports their endeavors.

She graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Science, majoring in social policy. She enrolled in Suffolk University and walked the stage to receive her MS in 2020.

Kalvin's sister has interned as a Prison Policy Directorate, Victim Contact Officer, Shop assistant, and Self-harm and Suicide Prevention Coordinator, among others.

Kalvin Phillips Sister Tasiana Phillips

Kalvin Phillips has two sisters. Sister Tasiana Phillips is the youngest child in the family and is also the most anonymous one.

Tasiana celebrates her birthday every year on February 9. On her birthday, her brother posted pictures of her to wish her happy birthday on his Instagram account.

She is the silent kid in the family as she mostly stays quiet and doesn't even make much public appearance. The only information we have about the youngest child of the Phillips family is that she is available on Instagram with more than 3.7k followers, but she has kept her profile private. Her handle is @tasiana.phillips. Friends call her Tee.

She likes to stay away from the media limelight, and in doing so, she has been able to enjoy her personal life peacefully. 

Kalvin Phillips Brother

Kalvin Phillips has only one brother named Terrell Phillips. Terrell is 23 years old.

Kalvin and his brother used to play soccer together. They used to play six hours straight in the sun, from 10 in the morning to six at night.

Kalvin's brother is so anonymous that he is not even available on social media. He could easily benefit from his brother's fame, but he hasn't done so, and he would like to establish a name for himself in the future. He celebrates his birthday every year on September 24.

Terrell and his siblings had a difficult upbringing because of their father's drug addiction. He was mostly inside the jail because of his illegal activities, and the kids were left with their mother and grandmother while growing up.

The family has stood up despite various hurdles and established their name as one of the most inspiring individuals in their locality.