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Sam Hartman Becames Top Quarterback To Play For The Demon Deacons By His Parents Support

Sam Hartman is a young American football player who is a QB for NCAA football club Wake Forest.
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Football QB Sam Hartman parents Mark Hartman and Lisa Hartman are very supportive of his career. Sam is the third son of his parents.

He grew up in a healthy and supportive environment alongside his brother, Joe Hartman and Demitri Hartman. They were nurtured by his parents, who instilled in them strong morals and values.

Hartman played football from an early age. He would play alongside his father, Mark, and two brothers in their home backyard. Both his brothers are good football players and played at the junior level.

Sam Hartman, youthful and vibrant, has had a distinguished career thus far. He is a quarterback for the NCAA football team Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Over the weekend, his outstanding play against Syracuse Orange helped his club, the Deacons, win by a score of 45–35. He is expected to start the game against Duke Blue Devils on November 27.

Sam Hartman Parents Mark And Lisa Hartman Raised Him In North Carolina

Sam Hartman was born to his parents, his father Mark and mother Lisa Hartman in North Carolina. They raised Sam to be a humble man.

Born on July 29, 1999, the 23-year-old quarterback grew up in a family of five. His parents had two children, both sons beside him in his family. His father and mother raised him well, making him a better man as a person and an aspiring to be a good leader.

Sam Hartman parents Mark and Lisa Hartman raised him in Charlotte, North Carolina alongside his two brothers. His mother Lisa always attends his game.
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Hartman's mother, Lisa, is a soft and kind-hearted woman. To put it in his words, she is "The coolest mom in the world." Lisa has always been there for him when he needs her the most. A mother's love is always a source of consolation for any human being, especially young people.

She rarely misses any of his games, and one can always find her on the stand cheering Sam boosting his confidence as he plays through the game. After the match, they go for a nice lunch before heading home. All those fatigues from the game get away immediately when you have your mother by your side.

On the other hand, the Deacons quarterback's father, Mark Hartman, does not get enough free time to attend his game. Mark is a doctor and a surgeon, so he is in his hospital most of the time.

But he once was a football player as well during his high school days. And Sam grew up playing with his father at their home. "My dad is a surgeon. So you've got to be perfect." Hartman said.

Sam Hartman with his mother Lisa and older brother Joe in 2019. His parents raised three sons, Sam himself, Joe and Demitri.
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His father was a former football player who also played at Wake Forest, a club with a rich history. Mark was a member of the squad that assisted Davidson Day in winning the state championships.

Hartman parents demonstrated their generosity when they adopted his brother Demitri Allison and welcomed him into the house. When Mark and Lisa first met Demitri, they wanted to do something to provide him with a family to stand on. 

Sam Hartman Brothers Demitri And Joe Hartman Both Played Football

Sam Hartman brothers Demitri Allison and Joe Hartman, played football during their high school days. Hartman is the youngest of three.

The family of five lived in a healthy ambiance, all thanks to their parents, Mark and Lisa, who this made possible. They are kind, humble, and generous, thus helping establish a positive vibe and atmosphere in the family where all three brothers were nurtured in.

Sam Hartman with his brother Joe and late brother Demitri Allison.
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Sam is the youngest of the three brothers, and Joe Hartman is his trueborn biological brother. Although Demitri is not the biological son of Sam's parents and is blood-related to Sam, they never made this an issue and lived together like true buddies. The three brothers had a great bond and understanding.

Mark and Lisa adopted Demitri when he was only 12. They met him through their friend circle, and their humility and generosity could not witness all the suffering the poor child was going through, so Sam's parents decided to adopt him.

Demitri spent his early years at the Hartmans' house in Davidson, North Carolina, starting in the first year of high school. He was a promising football player. The athlete played for Elon University after he served as a receiver at Southlake Christian. He was a kid full of life and joy.

However, Sam's brother disappeared in thin air in November 2015. Later they found him lifeless near a tall building. Demitri Hartman passed away after falling from a ten-story building.

Sam Hartman brother Demitri Allison sadly took his own life in November 2015. Reports suggest he was having a concern in his mental health but it was too late.
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His demise had been declared as a suicide. According to rumors, Demitri was not in a good mental place, and all of his pals were concerned for him. On November 11, 2019, four years after his passing, Sam uploaded a memorable and moving post on his Instagram wall.

"Four years ago today, my family and the world lost an incredible human named Demitri Allison," Hartman wrote. "I miss you every day. I hope I am making you proud."