Rashad Weaver Parents Nevin Weaver and Autumn DeLaPorte

Rashad Weaver parents Nevin Weaver and Autumn DeLaPorte raised three kids in the rural city of Marion.

Born on November 10, 1997, as Rashad Capone Weaver, he completed high school at Cooper City HS as his family relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sports, specifically football, have been a significant part of the Weavers, as Rashad has been involved with the game since childhood. 

The outside linebacker was drafted into the NFL by the Tennessee Titans in the 2021 NFL Draft as the 135th overall pick. He participated in college football for Pittsburgh.

His folks, who have been together for over two decades, have helped him pursue his career in football. As a result, he has established himself as one of the most promising players in the NFL.

Rashad Weaver Parents Autumn DeLaPorte And Nevin Weaver

Rashad Weaver parents Autumn DeLaPorte and Nevin Weaver are originally from Indiana. Nevin and Autum relocated to Florida when Rashad was young.

The Weaver couple raised three kids in Marion and later in south Flordia. They had their first child on November 10, 1997, and have been together for over 25 years. 

Although they have maintained a low-key profile, they are usually in the team’s jersey during their son’s game. The Weavers first rose in prominence after the Tennessee Titans drafted the 25-year-old linebacker in 2021.

Rashad’s mother is active on social media, while his father is inactive on any platform. His mom uses Twitter under the username @AutumnRose954, with over three hundred followers.

Rashad Weaver enjoying his time off with his mother Autumn in Key West, Florida.
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Her Twitter bio states that she currently resides in South Broward, Royal Poinciana neighborhood of Hollywood. She has been using this platform since August 2015 and usually uploads pictures of her son and family.

Autumn Rose is also active on Instagram under the username @AutumnRose954 and has over three hundred followers in this account. She has kept her account private, with 994 posts as of this writing.

She celebrates her birthday on June 30. In 2021, during her birthday, Weaver’s mom decided to cancel her son’s phone plan and made him pay his bills. Rashad shared a tweet expressing his feeling.

Rashad Weaver's folks supporting their son in the team's jersey in October 2022.
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His father, Nevin Weaver, has remained out of social media. Despite his low-key profile, he is a huge Tennessee Titans fan based on a Twitter post by his wife where he is seen wearing the team’s outfit. The 6’4″ player has credited Nevin and Autumn’s support and often talks about them in interviews.

Rashad Weaver Family

Rashad Weaver comes from a family of five. He lived with his parents and siblings until he relocated to different cities to pursue his football career.

Although he currently lives in Nashville, he does not forgo any opportunity to spend quality time with his loved ones, including his two sisters, on holidays. 

The linebacker for the Tennessee Titans has shared many memorable moments of his family via his Instagram profile. He spent a great time with his mom and his younger sister in a zoo in April 2017.

Rashad Weaver with his sister and mother in a zoo in 2017.
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Similarly, his sister and mum joined him during his game at Beaver Stadium, an outdoor college football stadium at the College of Pennsylvania State University, in September 2017.

Recently the Weavers were seen in Key West, Florida, in June 2022. His dad, who usually remains away from the camera, wore the Tennessee Titans jersey with the number 17 to support his child. Both Nevin and Autumn were present in the Nissan Stadium in October 2022.

The weavers also spent the player’s 24th birthday together on November 10, 2021. Autumn Rose posted a picture of herself and her son to wish him on this special day.

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