Adrian Leo: 5 Facts About WBSC U23 Baseball Player

Adrian Leo is a Mexican professional baseball player. He plays in the pitcher position for Rocky Mountain Vibes.

Adrian’s former team Diablos Rojos, also known as the Mexico Red Devils, has won the league title the most out of any other team, a total of 16 times, making them the undisputed champions of the Mexican league.

This is a record that has never been broken by any other team in the league’s history. To summarize, Leo is a member of the most prestigious and historically significant baseball team in the nation.

Leo represented his country Mexico in the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) U-23 Baseball World Cup in 2021. It was hosted by Mexico and the host nation finished second after losing the final to Venezuela at Ciudad Obregon, Hermosillo. 

To lose the final game of the tournament in front of their home fans on their own turf must have been a devastating experience for them. “It is always a pride to wear the colors of your country, the goal was not achieved but it was an unforgettable experience up Mexico.”, he wrote on Instagram after the defeat.

Quick Facts About Adrian Leo

Full Name Jorge Adrian (Serrato) Leo
Age 24 years
Born February 18, 1998
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 175 pounds
Profession Baseball Pitcher
Current Team Rocky Mountain Vibes

Who Is Adrian Leo?

Adrian Leo is a Mexican baseball player who played in the WBSC U-23 baseball world cup last year.

He represented his country and led them to the tournament’s final, but this was not enough for them to take home the trophy as Venezuela defeated them in the championship match.

Leo was born Jorge Adrian Leo Serrato in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, on February 18, 1998, and is 24 years old. He got his start in baseball at a young age, which benefited his development as a player and his progression into a professional position.

Adrian Leo played and represented his country Mexico in the WBSC u-23 baseball world cup in 2021. They reached to the final but lost the game to Venezuela.
Source : instagram

However, his professional journey at the senior level only began last year in 2021, when he signed for Mexico City Diablos Rojos. He plays as a pitcher for th club and country. 

During the 2021 campaign, Jorge as a pitcher with the Mexico City Diablos Rojos, Jorge Leo appeared in 16 games and had a record of 2 wins, 0 losses, and a 6.84 earned run average (ERA).

Leo left Mexico and Diablo Rojos and returned to the US to join the Pioneer League side Rocky Mountain Vibes in early 2022. He played in the United States back in 2017 when he signed for San Diego Padres in MLB.

Five Facts About Adrian Leo

  1. Adrian Leo is 24 years of age. He was born Jorge Adrian (Serrato) Leo on February 18, 1998. The native of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, was born and raised to Mexican parents. They have always supported him in fulfilling his dream. Leo uploaded pictures with them when he signed a contract with San Diego Padres in 2017.
    Adrian Leo, 24, was with his parents when he signed for Padres in July 2017.
    Source : instagram
  2. Jorge Leo has a decent height of 6 feet and 1 inch (186 cm), and his body weight is around 175 pounds. His height is ok, but his weight is not on par with other baseball players. It is a physical sport; to prevail, one must be heavy enough. According to Fanatics, The average weight of an MLB player is around 207 pounds, and the average height is about 6 feet 2 inches.
  3. In 2022, he exited Diablos Rojos after only being there a year ago and featuring in only two games and joined the MLB Partner League, called the Pioneer League. He now pledges loyalty to the Colorado-based team Rocky Mountain Vibes.
    Rocky Mountain pitcher Adrian Leo is a right handed batsman and right handed thrower. He played for Diablos Rojos in Mexican League in 2021.
    Source : instagram
  4. Leo has a verified Instagram account, @a_leo99, that has 3.2k followers with 76 posts. Once he achieves the level of fame and recognition he seeks, baseball fans will inundate his social media followings. However, he has not reached that level as of yet.
  5. The 24-year-old pitcher has world cup experience, having competed for Mexico’s U-23 squad in the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup, held by Mexico in 2021. Leo led the team to the final but lost to Venezuela. He earned a silver medal.

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