Laura Siegemund Boyfriend Antonio Zucca Is An Italian Tennis Player

Laura Siegemund boyfriend Antonio Zucca is an Italian tennis player. Laura and Antonio started dating in 2018.

Siegemund and Zucca made their relationship official in February 2018 via social media. They had posted a picture together after a practice session at the tennis court. 

Two times Grand Slam Champion, Laura is a famous tennis player from Germany. She is well known for winning the 2020 US Open in Women’s Doubles and the 2016 US in Mixed Doubles. 


Laura was introduced to tennis at three and started playing professionally when she was under 12. She has traveled worldwide for different tennis matches.

Siegemund has also been coached by her partner Antonio, and they are often seen together at different matches. 

Last year in mid-2022, Laura released her book called “Wild Card.” She is one of the most famous tennis players in the world having won multiple titles. 

Laura Siegemund And Antonio Zucca Relationship

Laura Siegemund and Antonio Zucca have been dating for five years. Laura and Antonio first met in Germany.

They were both in Germany practicing for their upcoming matches as Antonio is a coach as well.

Siegemund and Zucca have often traveled together to participate in different Tennis matches. In 2019, Laura posted a picture with Antonio at a tennis after-parties at the ASB Classic in New Zealand.

Antonio shared a picture of her girlfriend Laura's win in WTA in March, 2022 at France
Source : instagram

Laura and Antonio were invited to IMI Mode Waldbronn to try out their newly launched outfits in 2019. The couple showed their appreciation for the brand as well. 

In the New Year of 2018, Antonio made an appreciation post for Laura. He mentioned how she changed his life for the best and wished her a lot of love and success. 

Antonio has trained Laura for different matches in which she has also successfully won the finals. 

The duo is quite supportive of each other. During Laura’s win at one of the tennis competitions in Austria, she posed for a picture with her Antonio by her side, and they looked extremely happy together.

Laura Antonio were seen practicing together in Auckland for 2020 Singles
Source : instagram

Laura had knee surgery in August 2021, and she had to take rest for seven months. She thanked the people there by her side and her partner Antonio, who told her never to give up and supported her.

Laura Siegemund Boyfriend

Laura Siegemund boyfriend Antonio Zucca was born and raised in Italy. Zucca later moved to Stuttgart in Germany.

Just like his girlfriend Laura, Antonio is also traveling around the world for different tennis matches and championships. As of 2017, his highest ATP ranking was No. 1066.

Source : instagram

In 2021, Antonio won one debut tennis game with his partner Alessandro Procopio. The game was held at Tennis Club PortoTorres in Italy. He posted a picture and showed appreciation for his team partner. 

Other than being a tennis player, Antonio is also a coach. He has worked with different players, including Laura. In April 2022, he was one of the coaches of the Italian girl’s team, and they got selected for a final match as well. 

Antonio also trained Laura at one of her tennis matches in China. The couple celebrated and posted a picture together after she won the finals. 

Zucca is also involved in the real-estate business. He is the owner of Bay View Apartment and which is based in Porto Torres. 

Antonio is also close to his family members. He is on Instagram as antony_pumpkin.

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