Aaron Glenn Met Wife Devaney Glenn At Texas A&M

Aaron Glenn wife Devaney Glenn manages their stores based in the wireless industry. Aaron and Devaney married in 1994. 

They are parents of three kids, two daughters and one son.

Glenn spent 15 years as an NFL player before getting into the position of coaching and coordinating different NFL teams. He was selected in the first round of the 1994 NFL Draft at Texas A&M. During his last two years as an NFL player, he played for Jacksonville and New Orleans in 2007 and 2008 respectively. 

In the NFL office, Aaron first started working in the New York Jet’s front office for two seasons, 2012 and 2013. He was a coach for the Cleveland Browns from 2014 to 2015 before moving to New Orleans Saints. 

Aaron Glenn is a defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. He is one of the coordinators who have received requests to be interviewed for the position of head coach by the Indianapolis Colts. Jeff Saturday does not want to leave his position.

Aaron Glenn Met Devaney Glenn In His Freshman Year Of College

Aaron Glenn met wife Devaney Glenn while he was in his first year at Texas A&M.

Aaron is a humble Texas native and he did his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Texas A&M. Devaney is looking after the three stores owned by her husband Glenn. 

Aaron Glenn's wife Devaney posted a selfie with her husband while they were watching Pro Bowl 2018 together
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The couple got married after his second year with the New York Jets and Devaney has always been supportive of being a part of Aaron’s business.

Growing up, Glenn was always told by his mother that someday he would become a successful entrepreneur. After his $26 million dollar contract extension with the Texans, Aaron never had to worry about monetary matters, but he really wanted to expand his entrepreneurial skills. 

Devaney shared a picture with her husband Aaron from one of the event in 2018
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Glenn and his partner Devaney brainstormed some ideas for their business along with two friends and they came up to the conclusion that the wireless industry was the best for them to work on. In the end, they chose Cingular company in which Aaron has a hold of its three different stores. 

Devaney Gleen is currently looking after those three businesses and they are growing pretty well. Additionally, Aaron also established the Aaron Gleen Foundation back in 2003, which supports education and different facilities for elders and children. 

Aaron Glenn Family

Aaron Glenn was born to a Southern family in Texas. After he started playing for NFL, he had to transfer to different places. 

He married his partner Devaney Glenn after his second year with the New York Jets, and they have beautifully raised a family of five. Aaron Glenn and his partner have three kids, son Aaron II, and two daughters, Tristen and Rheagan. 

Aaron Glenn and his family spent a time at Nobu in 2019
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As a coach and as a player, Aaron always had to transfer to different states, but even during that time, his family stuck along. 

In 2019, the Glenn’s was seen together at one of the famous restaurants named Nobu. Aaron’s partner even set the picture of her husband and kids as her profile picture on Facebook.

Aaron Glenn with his daughter Tristen Glenn on her graduation in 2018.
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Similarly, in 2018, they celebrated the high school graduation of their elder daughter Tristan, and even the extended family came to show support. 

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