Jeff Driskel Wife Tarin Driskel Is An Educator At Lululemon In Florida

Jeff Driskel wife Tarin Driskel has been working as an educator for six years. Jeff and Tarin met at the University of Florida.

The love story of Jeff and Tarin began when Jeff was the quarterback for UF and Tarin was the cheerleader for the Gators. The couple recently welcomed their third child.

The quarterback has had quite an up-and-down career in the NFL. A star player during his uni days, Jeff has not been able to replicate his form in football’s highest platform. 

But in the ongoing season, there have been times when Driskel has played as well as the starting quarterback Davis Mills. And for that reason, the Texans have elevated him in their active roster, as confirmed by them on Wednesday. 

Jeff Driskel Wife Tarin Driskel Is An Educator At Lululemon

Jeff Driskel wife Tarin Driskel is currently employed at the Canadian apparel company Lululemon.

Tarin joined the company in 2016 after serving as a sales representative for Varsity Brands for two years. The graduate of the University of Florida earned her diploma in Bachelor of Science in parks, recreation, and leisure facilities. 

Jeff and Tarin pictured together on August 10, 2013 at Tarin's graduation ceremony
Source : instagram

The Florida native was born in a household of two siblings, Torin and Toed, and her parents, Thomas and Lori Fogg Moses are graduates of Louisianna State University.

During her time at UF, Tarin was the cheerleader for the Gators. As a cheerleader, she had the chance to represent her country in the 2014 Penthalon World Cup.

She was regular on the football team, which allowed her to cheer louder every time her boyfriend made a quick dash on the field. Cheerleading was something Tarin had pursued since her high school days in Brandon.

Tarin pictured at work for Varsity in 2016 as she faces a camera for ESPN Wide World of Sports
Source : instagram

While working for Varsity Brands, Tarin had the opportunity to appear on ESPN on the Summit Channel. On her Instagram handle, she has chosen to show more of her personal life with Jeff and her family rather than her work life.

Coming from a sporty family, there was no doubt that Tarin slotted in perfectly in the Driskel family. And her family has supported their son-in-law in every possible way by attending his games since his Bengal days.

Jeff Driskel And Tarin Driskel Relationship Timeline

Jeff Driskel and Tarin Driskel have been in a relationship since their university days in 2012.

The college sweethearts turned life partners have now been in a relationship for over a decade and have also become parents along the way. 

Jeff And Tarin Started Dating in 2012

Jeff and Tarin have been in a relationship for a decade since going on their first date in 2012.

A decade ago, on July 1, Tarin took to her Instagram to make it official that she was dating the star quarterback of Florida University. A few days after going official, the couple celebrated Tarin’s birthday on July 7.

Being Florida natives, the two used to visit Hard Rock Stadium frequently and were supporters of the Miami Dolphins. Tarin has several pictures of them on the sidelines with her then-boyfriend, whom she would cheer on throughout the game. 

Jeff and Tarin pictured in the sideline as they get ready for the game in 2014
Source : instagram

The two also have or used to have a  similar passion for hunting, with Tarin sharing the pictures of the kills the two would get on her Instagram handle. The two graduated from the University of Florida in 2013, but their relationship continued strengthening. 

Jeff And Tarin Tied The Knot In 2016 

After their graduation, Tarin worked at UF as an assistant cheerleading coach and Jeff joined Louisiana Tech.

Then on July 5, 2015, the couple announced their engagement. She continuously would show up to the games at Louisiana Tech to cheer on her soon-to-be-husband. A few months before their wedding ceremony, Jeff made his NFL debut with the 49ers in 2016 and was signed to NSA.

Jeff and Tarin pictured outside First Presbyterian Church of Orlando after their marriage ceremony in 2016
Source : instagram

Jeff and Tarin tied the knot on July 27, 2016, at First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. As Driskel hopped from one team to another, his partner would be seen at the stadiums along with her family members.

The Opening of Driskel Family Camp

Driskel Family Camp is a football cheer camp that Jeff and Tarin have been organizing since 2017. The duo would give training to the youths on football and cheerleading.

In the camp, Jeff instructs students on offense and defense skills training, and NFL combines style testing and Tarin on stunt skills and gameday style competition.

Jeff and Tarin announce their first family camp in 2017 organized for Orlando Youth
Source : instagram

With the Driskel family camp being a success in 2017, the NFLPA brought back the couple for the second year. The Driskel family camp is still ongoing and will soon enter its sixth year in 2023.

Jeff And Tarin Are Parents To Three Children

Jeff and Tarin Driskel are parents to three lovely kids with the two welcoming their third child last month on November 25.

On March 18, 2018, Tarin announced they were welcoming a new addition to their family on her Instagram handle. The former cheerleader held a sonogram picture of Jeff hugging her from behind as she shared the news with her followers.

Tarin announces her first pregnancy on March 18, 2018 as she displays the sonogram pictures with Jeff hugging from behind
Source : instagram

1. Jensen Driskel

Jensen Driskel looks adorable as she is pictured with her parents in 2020 at their hometown of Florida
Source : instagram

The couple’s first child, Jensen Driskel, was born on August 31, 2018. A few months after her birth, little Jensen was already seen supporting her father’s team, Cincinnati Bengals, as Tarin posted photos of her daughter wearing the merchandise of the Bengals.

Jensen was also seen with her parents in their annual family camp as she cheered on the youngsters being trained by her mom and dad. 

2. Jrue Driskel

Jrue(front) is hugged by her elder sister Jensen as Tarin takes a sweet picture of the two sisters in 2021
Source : instagram

Jrue Driskel, age 2, was born on August 15, 2020. It was also the year that Jeff signed for Denver Broncos, and the two girls were seen wearing the cheerleading outfits of the Colorado-based team.

As the pandemic protocols started to go down in Florida, the Driskels took their first family trip as four to Harry P. Leu Gardens on March 30, 2021.

The girls are the usual visitors of NRG stadium after their father signed for Houston Texans in 2021. They took a Christmas family picture at the stadium that same year. 

3. Jace Driskel 

Tarin shares the photo of her new born child Jace on November 30, 2022
Source : instagram

It’s been 20 days since Jace Driskel was welcomed into this world by his parents and two elder sisters. The third baby of Jeff and Tarin was born on November 25, 2022.

Tarin announced her third pregnancy by sharing a photo of the children’s apparel collection of Texans with Baby Driskel coming in November written on the board. 

It’s to be seen whether Jace will follow in his father’s footsteps and become an NFL player one day.

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