Mark Woodley And Wife Rachael Woodley Have Welcomed Three Kids Into Their Family

Mark Woodley wife Rachael Woodley is a graduate of Viterbo University. Mark and Rachael tied the knot in 2000.

The KWWL sports reporter Mark Woodley became a household name on December 22 as his video of him getting increasingly stressed gained millions of views worldwide. 

The sports anchor showed his frustration with having to do a job that he had only been informed of the evening before. Woodley was turned into a weatherman and was told to describe his surroundings.

The compilation video of Woodley joking about his condition has garnered 7.7 million views on Twitter and has brought him sudden fame which now has seen him signing shirts for his fans. 

Mark Woodley Wife Rachael Hurley Woodley

Mark Woodley wife Rachael Hurley Woodley is a graduate of Viterbo Univerisity and is an Iowa native. 

Rachael has two degrees with her as she earned her first degree in teaching from the University of Northern Iowa in 2006 and the other one from Viterbo University in 2013.

Rachael Woodley pictured at Pike Bay on July 26, 2020 in a photo shared by her on her Instagram handle
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After graduating from Iowa City High School in 1994, Rachael moved 74 miles away to Pella and a year later she met her partner and reporter of KWWL Mark Woodley. The couple tied the knot on January 8, 2000, and are parents to three kids.

Rachael is available on Instagram with the username @rachaelwoodley13 where she has shared several pictures of her happy family and their trips to various locations. 

Ever since Mark gained virality from his footage, Rachael can’t seem to stop sharing all the memes coming out from the minute-long clip that has caused a sensation worldwide. The reporter now has T-shirts with the titles all based on the meme and is currently being sold on RayGun’s website.

Mark and Rachael pictured on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu, Peru in 2018
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She shared a couple of photos of her husband signing off the shirts and having a small meet and greet with the people whose hearts he won with that short monologue.

The adventurous couple has previously traveled to Peru and enjoyed a hiking trip in one of the seven wonders of the world, Machupicchu, in 2019. The trip to Machu Pichhu remains the only photo the reporter has shared on his Instagram handle.

Mark And Rachael Woodley Share Three Kids

Iowa sports reporter Mark Woodley has three kids which he shares with his partner Rachael.

The Iowa natives are parents to two daughters, Evie and Gwen, and a son, Cullen. The family of five is joined by a pet Kokoni, who always seems to be demanding attention. His oldest child is seventeen years old and his youngest is eleven.

1. Gwen Woodley

Gwen Woodley pictured by her mother for her senior year on October 7, 2022
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Gwen Woodley, age 17, is the oldest child of Mark and Rachael Woodley. Gwen celebrates her birthday every year on July 7 and is interested in arts and design.

Rachel had previously shared some of Gwen’s work on her Instagram handle, where she showed her daughter’s custom drawings. 

The talented individual Gwen’s art style is mostly focused on chibi, but as mentioned by her mother can even make custom skins for lovers of Minecraft and DND games. 

2. Evie Woodley

Evie Woodley(left) with her sister Gwen Woodley photographed by their mother
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Evie Woodley, age 15, is the middle child at the Woodley residence and celebrates her birthday every year on September 17. Evie was previously pictured with her sister and her mother taking a trip to Universal Park on December 10.

The two sisters were also seen cosplaying various characters at the Iowa Renaissance festival in June. The festival celebrates time with your loved ones and includes live entertainment with comedy, swordplay, and horseback jousting. 

3. Cullen Woodley 

Callum Woodley pictured eating the donut custom made by Hurts Donut for his dad
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Cullen Woodley, age 11, is the youngest child of Mark and Rachael. A fan of lego sets, Cullen recently celebrated turning 11 on December 18.

And looking at the photo posted by Rachel it looks like the birthday boy spent his birthday completing the lego set gifted to him.

Rachel shared a photo of Cullen enjoying a doughnut custom-made for his dad and his legendary reporting by the Hurts Donut. Rachael captioned the post, “New Favorite picture,” and shared it on Christmas Day as a gleeful Cullen smiled looking at the camera.

Mark Woodley Family

Mark Woodley family are residents of Iowa and have connections to the sporting world.

The sports anchor was born to Richard Woodley and Nancy Hagge Woodley and was raised in a household of three siblings with a brother and two sisters, Susie and Cathy.

Mark Woodley's parents pictured together at Pike Bay in 2015
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Richard Woodley was a project manager at AECOM and is the former owner of Re-CJC Pensionne. He graduated from Mankato State University with a degree in business. Richard passed away in 2019, with Mark penning an emotional post about the loss of his father on his Facebook handle.  

Susie Woodley, the sister of Mark Woodley currently works at Principal Financial Group and is a mother to three kids. Sussie previously was a player in Iowa Women’s Basketball team, having joined them in 1992. 

Mark’s mother, Nancy Woodley, remains an avid basketball fan watching the games with a pet dog named Moorie. She previously worked at State Bank and Trust. 

Mark Woodley pictured with his family including Rachael and their three kids
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Cathy Woodley Baker, the other sister of Mark, previously worked at The Christ Hospital Health Network and is a grandmother of two precious girls. Mark’s brother remains away from social media sites but is married to a woman named Jennifer Woodley. 

Mark’s virality came just in time for the festive seasons as he was certainly the main man at the dinner table of the Woodley family as they prepared to say goodbye to 2022 and probably hope for more laughter and fun in 2023. 

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