Margitta Salming: Borje Salming First Wife And Their Two Kids

Margitta Salming, the first wife of Borje Salming, worked as a designer. The pair first fell in love in their native country Sweden before arriving in Canada in 1972, where Borje kick-started his legendary hockey career.

Margitta was married to the hockey legend for 20 years, and the couple had also parented two kids before going their separate ways. Prior to their break up, the pair had arrived in Sweden, where Borje said he wanted to live a quiet life.

Since his divorce from Margitta, Borje Salming went on to have a relationship with Katarina Pettersson and is now married to Pia Salming. He also went on to have two kids from his last two marriages.

Known as “The King” the 71-year-old was honored on Saturday night by his former team Maple Leafs with whom he spent 16 seasons. The Swede had lit up NHL with his fiery personality and broke the stereotype that Europeans are a bit soft for the American sport.

Borje Salming First Wife Margitta Salming Was A Children’s Wear Designer

Margitta Salming, the first wife of Borje Salming, worked as a children’s wear designer.

Margitta arrived in Toronto with Borje in 1973. At the time, they were already engaged.

Following him to another side of the Atlantic, Margitta began her career in the world of fashion as her fiance took charge in the NHL. They previously lived in Sweden, where Borje has created a name for himself as a fiery young hockey player.

 Hockey star Borje Salming, part-owner of new restaurant, Downtown, and former wife Margitta, a children's wear designer, are served by a waitress wearing a design by Margitta
Source : tpl

While Borje was tearing up the hockey field, his wife worked as a designer for children’s clothes. And with her designing experience, she not only focused on clothes but also on decorating houses.

She was the one to design the pair’s first home in Canada, their eight-high park gardens mansion in Toronto. The pair brought their Scandinavian roots to life in the house they bought in the mid-70s.

And the pair returned to their home country in the early 90s after Borje retired from the NHL, winning the championship twice and ending his career with the Red Wings. But after returning to Sweden, the couple’s relationship didn’t last for long as they decided to go separate ways in 1993.

Borje Salming First Wife Margitta Salming Was A Mother To Two Children

Margitta Salming, the first wife of Borje Salming, is the mother of their two children, Anders and Teresa Salming.

But for Borje Salming, they aren’t his only children. The hockey legend has four more children from his two other relationships. And the unlike their younger siblings, they have decided to stay away from the limelight. 

1. Anders Salming

Borje Salming shared a photo of his son Anders and Teresa Salming with his Instagram followers on November 25, 2019
Source : instagram

Anders Salming, age 48, is the firstborn child of Borje Salming and Margitta Salming. There are several photos of young Anders with his father on the internet where he is been held by his father on the hockey field.

Looking at those photos, many might have thought that another Salming was probably in line of joining the NHL, but Anders has decided to make hockey his hobby rather than his profession.

Today, Anders works as a graphic designer and planning technician at an architectural office. He currently lives in Vaxholm outside Stockholm with his wife Jenny and has played ice hockey for the hometown in the fourth division IK Waxholm.

2. Teresa Salming 

Teresa Salming with her father Borje Salming on the red carpet event in 1997 for the movie All Inclusive
Source : femina

Teresa Salming, age 46, is the second child of Margitta and Borje. The first daughter of a hockey legend has tried to keep herself away from the media but was seen walking the red carpet with her father in the premier of the film, All Inclusive, in 1997.

In the early 2000s, Teresa worked as a store manager in their family-run store in Stockholm. But now she works as an office manager at Första AP-fonden and had previously worked at the bank NatWest and service company ISS. And, like her elder brother, she lives in Vaxholm with her husband Tord. 

Some FAQs

Who are Borje Salming and Margitta Salming kids?

Borje Salming and Margitta Salming parented two kids, Anders and Teresa.

Who is Borje Salming first wife?

Margitta Salming is the first wife of Borje Salming.

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