Curler Casey Scheidegger Husband Duncan Koning And Family Life

Casey Scheidegger husband Duncan Koning works in the construction field as a metal worker. Casey and Duncan raised two kids.

The married couple resides in their lovely little home in Alberta, Canada. Scheidegger is a Canadian curler from Lethbridge, Alberta. 

On several occasions, she is a three-time Alberta Scotties Tournament of Hearts champion and has represented Alberta at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the national women’s curling championship. 

Casey also has a sister Jessie Scheidegger Haughian, a national curler from Canada. They have competed as a team in various other national and international curling tournaments, including the World Curling Tour.

Casey Scheidegger Husband Duncan Koning

Casey Scheidegger and her husband Duncan Koning have two sons as a blessing from their married life.

The 34-year-old curler has kept her Instagram private but what she has written in her bio perfectly depicts her. “Mom” and “Wife,” she is Duncan’s wife and the mother of two babies.

Casey announced her new team for 2022-23 season, which includes Kate Cameron and Taylor MacDonald.
Source : curlingzone

Casey and her spouse Duncan first became parents in 2016 when they welcomed their son Kayden. But not all of 2016 came well to her. She lost the playoff qualifying game at Jiffy Lube Alberta Scotties Tournament. 

Moreover, the family of three extended to four in November 2019. Casey gave birth to her second boy child Ryker just before the first wave of Covid hit the planet.

Casey at the Pintys Grand Slam of Curling Tour Challenge in September 2017.
Source : thegrandslamofcurling

She did not miss much of the curling season when Kayden was born in 2016. Casey has to miss several significant tournaments because of pregnancy and maternity leave in 2020.

“It’s been eight weeks since I had my second son, Ryker, and I’m back and ready to go,” Casey said in January 2020. But the journey from the delivery room to deliver her maiden regional championship and qualify for the Olympic trials was tedious.

Duncan Is A Metal Worker From Alberta

Duncan is a steel and metal worker at South West Design and Construction.

The native of Lethbridge, Alberta, is specifically a steel erection foreman at the company, as per his LinkedIn profile. He is a trader who is readied to work with structural steel and other metal fragments used in the construction of wood-built, traditional, and pre-engineered metal buildings. 

His tasks involve installing metal components, including shafts, columns, rafters, and trusses, using tools such as torches, welding equipment, and hand tools.

Casey's partner Duncan is a Steel erection Foreman at South West Design and Construction.
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Koning oversees the construction of steel structures. This typically includes coordinating the work of a team of steel erectors, ensuring that all safety protocols are followed, and supervising the assemblage of the steel components. 

South West Design and Construction has been to people’s service since 1980, offering exceptional service and meeting client’s needs and demands by installing metal structures in their premises.

Moreover, Duncan is responsible for communicating with other construction team members, such as the project manager and supervisors, for ensuring that the project is completed on schedule and within budget.

Scheidegger Family Gave Birth To Two Curling Champions

Casey is not the only one from her family to get involved in curling. Her sister Jessie is also a professional curler.

They both started playing when they were little. Their parents saw potential in both of them and encouraged them to pursue a career in sports. Casey and Jessie teamed up for a game in 2009; since then, they have been playing together under Team Scheidegger.

From the left: Casey and her teammates Kate Hogan, Jessie Haughian and Taylor McDonald in 2021.
Source : thegrandslamofcurling

Jessie, now married to Sheldon Haughian, graduated with her bachelor’s in Kinesiology and worked at Alberta Health Services for five years. Prior to giving up curling due to sciatica, she gave birth to Rylee, her first child, in March 2020.

While studying in high school, both Scheidegger sisters served as a waitress at Humpty’s in Lethbridge. The family restaurant later offered them a sponsorship deal in 2019, which they gladly accepted.

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