Lawyer Karin Nelson Is Engaged To Radio Host Mark Rosen

Radio host Mark Rosen girlfriend Karin Nelson is 57 years old. Vikings lawyer Nelson is 13 years younger than his partner.

Rosen made the first social media post with Nelson on the 20th of April 2022 while honoring the Hall of Famer Bud Grant during a Dunker’s fundraiser at US Bank.

Mark and Karin got engaged on the 28th of December 2022.

Rosen is a sports commentator, born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, United States and has a 37 years old son named Nick Rosen and a daughter named Chloe Rosen from his previous marriage to his late wife, Denise Rosen.

Moreover, he is a big-time cat lover. His kitty Willow helped him find his new partner to whom he recently proposed. The radio host has shared how the lawyer of the Minnesota Vikings has helped him move on from the grief of Denise’s passing. 

Mark Rosen And Karin Nelson Age Difference

Mark Rosen and his girlfriend Karin Nelson have an age gap of 13 years.

The sports commentator is 70 years old, and Nelson is 57. Even though the pair have a gap of over a decade, they share a mutual understanding, respect, and fondness towards each other.

Mark had his birthday meal with Karin at Demi on the 12th of November 2022.
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Previously married to Denise Rosen, Rosen found a new partner after his wife’s demise. Denise lost her life to Glioblastoma on the 29th of August 2021 but lived her life to the fullest while battling brain cancer. 

Furthermore, they tied the knot in 1977 and celebrated their last the 44th wedding anniversary on the 5th of June 2021. Later on the 29th of May 2022, Mark shared how he found Karin through his kitty Willow in an Instagram post. He also revealed how he found a new purpose after meeting the executive VP and Chief Legal Officer of the Vikings while grieving for nearly four years. 

Karin Nelson From Vikings Was Born In 1965

Mark’s new partner Karin Nelson was born in 1965, and she marks her birthday in July every year.

The couple celebrated Karin’s birthday weekend by attending the musical show AIN’T TOO PROUD, which shared The remarkable history of the Temptations on the 3rd of July 2022. 

Karin spent her birthday weekend watching The Temptations musical show with Mark on the 3rd of July 2022.
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Rosen shared a glimpse of the day on his Instagram handle, @m.rosey4, although Nelson has maintained a private Instagram account under the username @knelsen34. The lawyer for the Minnesota Vikings only shares her attachments with her close friends and family.

Likewise, the radio host recently celebrated his birthday weekend by having a spectacular meal with Karin at Demi on the 12th of November, 2022. The pair always spend their special occasions together. 

Mark Rosen Is Engaged To Karin Nelson

Rosen made a lovely proposal to Nelson, and they announced his engagement on the 28th of December, 2022. 

Mark put a beautiful ring on Karin’s finger after she said yes, and they honored the day by cutting a cake and making a toast. 

Mark announced his engagement to Karin on the 28th of December 2022.
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The sports commentator expressed that his new partner has brought so much joy back into his heart and life. Furthermore, the pair are blessed to share their present and future with their loved ones, who have been supportive throughout their journey.

Many media personalities, including Joe Schmit, Norman Seawright III, and Chuck Foreman, among others, sent him congratulatory messages and wished the couple a happily ever after. Moreover, Paul Lambert, a KFAN personality who goes by Meatsauce, also proposed to his sweetheart Kelly Kristo on the same day, as per Star Tribune

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