Abner Mares Right Eye Injury As He Prepares Comeback From Detached Retina

Abner Mares suffered from a right eye injury, forcing him to cancel his fight at the time; however, it didn’t stop the boxer from trying again. 

A Mexican-American professional boxer Abner Mares has earned fame by winning the world championship in three weight classes, bantamweight in IBF, super bantamweight, and featherweight in WBC. Throughout his boxing career, he has the records of 35 fights and 31 wins, of which 15 were KO. 

The only regret the player has to this day is the cancellation of his fight against his opponent Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis when he suffered an eye injury. The boxer is still confident that he would have won the fight at the time. He recalls, “When they pulled the plug basically, because of my injury, you know, I had unfinished business with ‘Tank’ Davis… I was gonna fight ‘Tank’ Davis, a great fight. People can still talk and say that ‘You woulda lost.’ No, at that time, I woulda beat ‘Tank’ Davis. 

The boxer returned to the ring after four years, on 4 September 2022, with his opponent fighter, Miguel Flores, and had his last fight before the break on 9 June 2018, with the opponent fighter Leo Santa Cruz. His admirers better not miss out on the match as the most awaited fight will happen in Arena, Los Angeles, California, U.S.  

What Happened To Abner Mares Right Eye? 

Two years after winning a professional match against the champ Puerto Rican Luis Malave, a professional boxer, Abner Mares suffered from an injury to his eye in 2008. Before his injury, he defeated WBO Champion Isidro Garcia, earning the title WBO NABA Bantamweight Championship and winning three more fights. Following his injuries, the player underwent surgery and took a break from his boxing career for about ten months. 

However, the champ reveals that he suffered from a detached retina on his left eye in 2008. On top of that, in 2019, Mares had a right-eye injury after taking a punch. He clarifies to his followers, “I came back Friday for another sparring session, got hit again… and my eye got super red. That Friday and Saturday, I started seeing clouds and having blurred vision.”

With pain in his eyes, his wife persisted in looking for a doctor on Monday, only to find out he had a detached retina. Following it, on 30 January, Wednesday, he once again underwent emergency surgery for retinal detachment on his right eye. 

He was in California at San Gabriel Hospital for surgery and took a break from his boxing career again. At the time, his getting canceled for a brief was due to an elbow injury, not a detached retina. 

Nevertheless, Abner later clarified, “I do have a bad elbow, but not that bad to cancel a fight. I mainly said elbow because I was afraid. I didn’t want people to know about my eye. I was scared to let people know that I was going through this. I don’t want people to see it as a handicap; that I can’t fight anymore because I know I can.”

He further assured his followers of his comeback, mentioning, “I feel strong, I feel that I’m going to come back after this. It’s just a matter of healing, resting, and seeing what the doctors say… I honestly feel I’m going to come back, I’m going to conquer that, become world champion once again.”

Boxer Abner Mares
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Abner Mares Comeback After Detached Retina 

Abner Mares have always given his fans a positive signal about his comeback with thrilling fights. It has been over four years since his fans waited for him in the ring to win back his title. Over the period, Mares gave all his attention to his rehabilitation and focused on the healing journey. 

Abner Mares Comeback After 2008 

Abner Mares suffered from a left eye injury in 2008, right after his fight with Jonathan Arias. He took a leave from boxing for around ten months until he came back in the ring on 2 May 2009. Mares won against his opponent Jonathan Perez with RTD in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, the U.S. After around three months, he again won his fight with Carlos Fulgencio with KO in Club Nokia, Los Angeles, California, U.S. 

Since 2010, Mares has won 12 fights against his opponent, with three losses, and one draw, until he suffered another right eye injury in 2018 and had to undergo surgery for his detached retina. He then mentioned, “Eleven years later, I’m a four-time world champion. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered another one in his right eye, but it doesn’t mean the end of my career.”

Abner Mares suffered from eye injury
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Abner Mares Comeback After 2018 

This is the long break Abner Mares has taken from his boxing career after an eye injury. He has been busy with his rehabilitation and on his healing journey since his right eye surgery. Although the boxer reassured his fans, he remained absent from his fighting career for about four years. Abner now breaks his silence, “I don’t listen to people… Why are you coming back? You have a bad eye. You’re old… Why does it matter? I’m coming back. I know I’m capable of doing it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Don’t take it personally. Some people take it more personally than I do.” 

“A lot of fighters older than me are still fighting. I took a break for four years, my body is rested. I’m good. Be happy for a man.” He is now all set to take his champ title and has his upcoming fight on 4 September 2022 in Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, California, U.S, against his opponent fighter Miguel Flores. 

Abner Mares suffered from detached Retina
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Abner Mares Net Worth In 2022

Abner Mares estimated net worth is roughly more than $2 million. He is a professional boxer who has been active in the ring for over decades, other than the last three years. 

Mares has an estimated salary of around $400,000 yearly, with an expected earning of over $32,000 per month. Throughout his career, he has been active in a total fight of 38, with 31 wins. Considering that, he must have made a fortune out of his career.

Regardless, he also owns a luxurious car and items with lavish lifestyles. Besides his boxing career, he has several estates and stocks that add to his property. In 2020, the boxer made the news for selling his around $2 million on Huntington Beach’s man-made Davenport Island. 

He gained more than half a million profit from the property he invested in around five years ago. The contemporary house beside the island has four bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms, with an excellent view of palm trees. 

Mares currently lives a luxurious life sharing a comfortable lifestyle with his family, wife, and children. 

Abner Mares
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Did Abner Mares Married His Girlfriend? Meet The Boxer Wife

Abner Mares wife up his beloved girlfriend Nathalie Mares, and the couple has remained unbreakable ever since. She is the woman in his life who gives him the strength to keep moving forward to chase his dream. 

The couple often spends their Sundays with the family, strengthening their bond with their daughters Amber and Emily. Nathalie has always supported her husband in boxing; she is the first woman who would cheer up him in the ring. 

Abner followers know her as their favorite boxer’s wife; however, besides that, she is also a makeup artist and is known for her work in neob makeup store. Nathalie is also a TikTok personality with over seven thousand followers. 

Abner Mares with his better half
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They prefer to live a low-profile life despite the popularity they have and the fame they own. Still and all, they are active on social media platforms and often shares their happy memory with their followers. 

How they met still remains a matter of interest among their followers, who are very eager to know about their life details. 

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