Longhorns RB Bijan Robinson Parents LaMore Sauls And Lamont Sauls

Bijan Robinson parents Lamont Sauls and LaMore Sauls live in Tucson city of Arizona. Lamont and LaMore have five kids.

Robinson was born when his mother was in college, and she married his stepfather when he was ten. The Sauls couple has been together for a decade in 2022. But their son chose not to live with them while growing up.

Bijan’s grandfather became his father figure while he matured. Cleo Robinson influenced his grandson to pursue an athletic career as he was an athlete who played basketball, football, and track in his youth and pursued a Pac-10 career.

Cleo got his name inducted into the Marana Hall of Fame in 1998 and was also on Northern Arizona University’s 1967 Hall of Fame track team. Likewise, the National Federation Interscholastic Officials Association awarded the elder Robinson with Arizona Official of the Year in 1998.

Bijan Robinson Parents

Bijan Robinson parents Lamont Sauls and LaMore Sauls have been happily married for ten years in 2022.

Lamont is not his biological father. He was born to LaMore when she was a college student on the 30th of January 2002, and a single mother raised him.

Lamont and LaMore Sauls started a new journey in 2012 when Bijan was a teenager.
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Later his mom tied the knot with his stepfather in 2012 when he was ten, and when the athlete was given a choice to live with his new parent, he chose to stay with his grandfather and grandmother. 

Furthermore, the Sauls celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on the 21st of September, 2022, and they live in Tucson city of Arizona. 

LaMore Sauls Is A License Aesthetician

LaMore is a licensed aesthetician, makeup artist, and It Works distributor.

The aesthetician specializes in all types of male and female waxes, and she also does skin care. Furthermore, her Facebook bio reads she is a stay-at-home mom living a boss life and works from home.

 LaMore posted the beautiful picture with his son on National Son Day in 2020.
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Sauls has also maintained a separate social media account to share her professional posts. There, she has cited that her beauty, cosmetic, and personal care service is available at various locations in Tucson, Arizona.

Likewise, LaMore shares her lifestyle on her Instagram account and uses the username @lamoresauls.

Bijan Grew Up With His Grandparents

Robinson grew up with his grandparents, Cleo Robinson and Terri Robinson.

Cleo worked as a Pac-12 official for 30 years and was most recently a part of the league’s top instant replay crew, per Fox Sports. Furthermore, he retired at age 75, allowing him to attend his grandson’s games as he often used to miss his matches while working.

Bijan pictured with his family when he signed with the Texas Longhorns in December 2019.
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Bijan has always received consistent support from his family since his high school career, and his aunt Cleyrissa manages his business dealings, including all of his NIL contracts. Cleyrissa happily left her 13-year career to become the Brand Manager of his young and talented nephew, and she has never regretted her decision.

Bijan grew up without a father but found his dad in his grandfather, so he calls Cleo his dad.

The athlete received unconditional love and support from the elder Robinson, who played football, basketball, and track during his youth. The former athlete started his officiating career in 1978, and his profession influenced his grandson’s love for football. 

Young Bijan began playing flag football at the age of five/six with the influence of his grandfather.
Source : foxsports

The retired Pac-12 official would collect the programs to bring to his grandson, who started playing flag football when he was 5/6. Furthermore, the pair are very attached to each other, and Cleo is the happiest to watch the younger Robinson’s childhood vision become a reality. He also shared with Fox Sports how much he admires the college footballer.

Bijan Has Four Siblings

Robinson is the first child of LaMore Sauls and has four younger siblings.

Although the Texas Longhorns running back has kept his personal life separated from his professional life, his mother often shares pictures of their family on her social networking sites. 

LaMore Sauls shared the picture of her five kids when they went back to school in August 2016.
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Bijan has two brothers and sisters, respectively. Darius Sauls also plays football for the Tucson High Magnet School, wearing jersey number 12. However, Ron is the son of Fredrica Sauls, and he has shared pictures with his mom on his Instagram.

Likewise, the elder Sauls has also posted photos of her baby girls on National Daughter’s Day, and she also made a birthday wish for one of them on the 7th of March 2017. The gorgeous little girl will turn ten in march 2023.

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