Who Is Adi Higham? Illness Details Of Antiques Dealer On BBC One’s The Bidding Room

Following his successful performance in the adored BBC show in 2022, Adrian Higham’s condition and health have came to the attention of the general public. We shall examine the specifics to learn more about Adi Highman’s condition.

Adi Higham, often known as Adrian Higham, is an English antiques merchant and retailer. After just announcing that he would be appearing on BBC’s The Bidding Room, the British dealer has become a media sensation.

In the competition, eight dealers will try to complete the most transactions. Due to his participation in the program, Higham has a sizable fan base and is well known.

Who Is Adi Higham? Wikipedia

In 1968, Adrian Higham was born in Brookland, Kent. Highman, who has lived in France for almost a couple of decades, has a taste for the unusual and has accumulated a vast collection of curiosities.

He was married to Tara Franklin, who was also a classic book salesman. His first spouse passed away in 2003. Adrian, an East Sussex resident, began repairing and reselling historical indicators when he was 21.

Higham decided to become a full-time vendor after he sold a motorcycle for ten times what he spent, showcasing a particular aptitude for pricing and selling. Adrian Higham and Tara Franklin are the owners of Hoof Brocante, located in Romney Marsh on a former RAF base in Kent, United Kingdom.

Tara specializes in vintage French garments and antique French textiles and linens. Tara frequently enters private barn brocantes and is invited by a private party to sit and have a refreshing glass of wine in a stunning castle in the south of France.

Information About Antique Dealer Adi Higham Illness

Since his final appearance on “The Bidding Room” the earlier 12 months, Adrian has chosen to avoid speaking with the media, raising questions about his health.

Adrian Higham experiences a consuming disorder. When Adi’s lover passed away, he gained weight uncontrollably. Higham’s 36-stone weight caused him to pass out on a ship in 2015.

Adrian Higham With Wife Tara Franklin
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Adi took part in the “Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge” in 2017, which gave him tailored fitness training, diet advice, and lifestyle advice to improve his health. Doctors warned Higham that he would die if he didn’t lose weight. After seeing Geoff and the program, Adi realized he needed to pay attention to his weight.

He was overweight, which was causing him health issues. But he managed to lose weight and get back in shape with the help of his resolve.

Who Is Adrian Higham Wife – Tara Franklin?

At the Penshurst Vintage & Antiques Fair, Tara Franklin, Adrian Higham’s partner and a 52-year-old artist and classic provider, is a classic provider.

50-year-old Tara Franklin is a skilled hostess, an enthusiast for antiques, and a person who supports her husband’s aspirations. Every Higham and Franklin seems to be particularly motivated to find old things.

Thus, her husband Adrian Higham, also known as Adi Higham, who appears in the BBC’s current The Bidding Room, has grown to be a household name in the media, which has also thrust her into the spotlight.

The Penshurst Vintage & Antiques Fair seems to be rearranged by talented classic finder Tara Franklin. She also appears to be considering collecting textiles, Brocante, and French antiques.

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