Why Was Tevin Hill Arrested? Florida Petition To Release Or Set Trial Date

Tevin Hill, who appears to be 50 years old, has been arrested, according to his friend Janecia Hill. As a result, word of his arrest quickly became viral online. NO TRIAL DATE in sight after 757 days.

The specifics of his arrest and accusation are of interest to the public. Tevin Hill, a native Floridian who seems to be a parent but is also a genuinely nice guy.

Why Was Tevin Hill From Florida Arrested?

Tevin Hill was arrested for a crime that he did not commit. His family suggests that his arrest was a mistake

Janecia Hill, a friend of Tevin Hill’s, complained that the Dougherty County Police Department wasn’t doing enough to uphold the law, and Tevin Hill was eventually taken into custody.

According to Janecia, Tevin is innocent and the police have not supported much in the investigation. She also thinks that the Judiciary action has remained biased in the decision. 

A protest has therefore been planned to call for justice and Tevin Hill’s bond release. According to his buddy, Tevin Hill has been held for 1,757 days with NO TRIAL DATE in sight.

Florida Residence Has Signed A Petition To Release Tevin Hill

A human rights petition has been signed by residents of Florida to release Tevin Hill, who they claim is an innocent man. His sister, Janecia Hill, was the first to start the petition.

She also states The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, which clearly states the fairness in the legal matter. It says: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”.

Janecia, in her petition, has also mentioned that Tivon is the father of three children who needs him. She has requested more than 5000 signatures on the petition.

At the time of writing, 27,967 have signed the petition, as mentioned on the Change.org page. 

When Is Tevin Hill’s Trial Date Set For?

Tevin Hill has been incarcerated for more than 1,757 days now with no trial date in sight. 

He was detained in August of 2015 and has been imprisoned for five years as a result. Since then, no charges against him have ever gone to trial. The judiciary system has been unfair to Hill as he has not received any trial opportunities.

According to one commentator on the Change.org page, Hill had waived his rights at arraignment on the advice of an attorney. Otherwise, he would have gone to trails within 90 days. The commentator also says: “I doubt that Tevin was not charged… If that is truly the case then this should frighten everyone and those responsible cannot have enough punishment this side of eternity.”

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