Olympian Runner Aliphine Tuliamuk Husband Tim Gannon & Baby Daughter

American runner Aliphine Tulimuk and her husband Tim Gannon became parents recently. They are blessed with a baby girl.

Aliphine Tulimuk was born in Kenya but is an American. In the 2020 United States Olympic trial, she was able to secure the #1 position in the marathon and got selected for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which got shifted in 2022 because of the covid-19.

She has been a great athlete from a young as she used to participate in NCCA at her college.

Olympic is near, and she is now prepared and recovered (fit after giving birth). She has already achieved her biggest happiness, and she is aiming to increase it even more by winning the Olympics and representing America.

Quick Facts on Tim Gannon

Nationality American
Age Late 30s
Spouse Aliphine Tuliamuk
Profession Technical Job and farmer

Aliphine Tuliamuk and Her Husband Tim Gannon Gave Birth To Their First Child

Tim Gannon and Aliphine Tuliamuk were trending in social media after having their first child, a beautiful baby girl.

On January 13, 2021, the baby was born and named Zoe Gannon. Zoe is about 18 months of age as of November 2022. She was born right after one month of pregnancy announcement by her parents.

They said that they never felt this much joy in their entire life as they got blessed with a daughter
Source : instagram

When Tuliamuk qualified for the Olympics, she was not planning to have any children back then because her training could be disturbed. Covid-19 changed the whole scenario.

 During the time of the lockdown, when there was very miserable condition everywhere, Tim and Aliphine Tuliamuk decided to bring happiness by becoming parents.

They said it was all calculated because they had already calculated the schedule for the Olympics and also the recovering time and training she needed to be prepared.

They got an angel as her daughter; now, the only wait is for the Olympics game to see Tulimuk representing America.

Tim Gannon And Aliphine Tuliamuk Relationship In Detail

Tim Gannon is an American-born and proud husband of Aliphane Tuliamuk, who will be representing America in the Tokyo Olympics.

Tim’s details are hard to find as any media do not cover him.

He is from a different ethnic group from his wife. Yet they are a beautiful couple that every person wants. The detail about when they met each other is unknown, but they probably know each other from their heart.

Tim and Aliphine very understanding and supportive couple who loves each other from the bottom of their heart
Source : runningmagazine

Tim is currently in his mid-30s and likes to travel and photography as his hobbies. He also loves to explore her wife’s birthplace in Kenya and loves the people there.

Professionally he is into some Technical jobs, farming, and harvesting. He earns a good amount, but money is not a big thing for his family, as Aliphine earns plenty and makes the family proud.

Tim is fully supported and ready to cheer his wife in the Olympics.

Aliphine Tuliamuk Pregnancy – Is She Prepared For The Olympic Game?

There is barely any detail about Aliphine Tuliamuk’s pregnancy period since she only revealed on only one month before delivery.

Pregnancy and childbirth were a big challenge since they could weaken Aliphine physically.

Luckily this is not the case. She said that everything is according to her plan as she gets enough time to train her body and made sure that the baby will be her motivation rather than an obstacle that people are assuming.

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