Where Is Amanda Lewis Now? Adrianna Hutto Mother 911 Call and Documentary

•Amanda Lewis murdered her seven-year-old daughter in front of her son as a punishment for misbehaving.

•About an hour after, Amanda’s daughter Adrianna Hutto got to the hospital in an ambulance and was pronounced dead.

•AJ, Amanda’s six-year-old son, began to tell a more dark story that would result in a murder trial where he would testify as a key witness against his mother.

 Amanda Lewis murdered her seven-year-old daughter Adrianna Hutton in the swimming pool at her Esto, Florida, on August 8, 2007.

Amanda Lewis, Adrianna’s mother, called 911 after finding her daughter unresponsive in the family’s swimming pool. Emergency responders took Adrianna to the nearby hospital Bay Medical, where she was declared dead about an hour later.

When Adrianna’s half-brother A.J., then six years old, told authorities that he had seen his mother “dunk” as a form of physical punishment, the death was no longer considered an accident.

Where Is Amanda Lewis Now?

Amanda Lewis is currently in prison after receiving a life sentence without the possibility of parole and an additional 30-year sentence for child abuse in connection with the murder of her daughter.


When she discovered her daughter Adrianna floating face down, Amanda, then 27, rushed over and snatched her out.

The incident initially seemed to be a terrible accident, and neither the Sheriff’s Department nor the criminal investigators had any reason to conclude. However, less than an hour later, AJ, Amanda’s six-year-old son, began to tell a more frightening story.

AJ began to tell them that he had witnessed his mother put Adrianna beneath the water while covering her face with her hand.

While Adrianna was still alive in the hospital, Amanda’s parents, Brenda Burns and Charles sent this information to the local sheriff’s office, who brought AJ to interrogate.

Investigators and a child specialist interviewed AJ twice on August 8, 2008. During both occasions, he mostly repeated the same story about how his mother had “dunked” Adrianna as punishment for misbehaving.

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Adrianna Hutto Mother Call 911

The 7-year-old American girl Adrianna Elaine Hutto resided in Esto, Florida, with her mother, Amanda Lewis.


Adrianna’s mother, Amanda Lewis, called 911 on August 8, 2007, claiming to have discovered her daughter unresponsive in the family’s swimming pool.

AJ began to explain to them how he had witnessed his mother put Adrianna beneath the water while covering her face with her hand.

Adrianna was found to have ADHD throughout the examination, and Lewis admitted that while, at first, she had a hard time connecting with her daughter, her love for Adrianna had developed with time.

Investigators also discovered that Adrianna and A.J. didn’t appear to have any toys in the home. Lewis responded that toys had been removed for a week as a form of discipline and that they were kept in a shed.

Amand Lewis was arrested and charged with Adrianna’s first-degree murder in September 2007. She was given the chance to accept a plea agreement that would have required a guilty verdict for manslaughter and a ten-year sentence, but she chose to go to trial instead.

Where Is Amanda Lewis Son Aj Lewis Hutto?

Aj Lewis Hutto, the son of Amanda Lewis, resides with his new adoptive family and is not in contact with his mother Amanda.

Aj was a victim who witnessed his sister drowning in the pool while being watched by his mother. He could be between the ages of 20 and 25 and be a resident of Florida.


Before A.J testified against his mother on the day of the trial, Amanda and A.J had been apart for around six months. A.J broke down, but he managed to get through it.

However, when the defense attorney spoke up, A.J. once more contradicted himself. He admitted later that he was unsure of how her sister drowned after remembering Adrianna drowning outside the pool.

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