Amanda Ribas Sister Marcelly Ribas Is A Fitness And Dance Artist

Amanda Ribas sister Marcelly Ribas is a fitness artist and an actress. Marcelly also works as a social media manager for her sister. 

Amanda Ribas competes in the Strawweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The MMA fighter ranks number 9 in the Strawweight fighting category and 15th in the UFC women’s flyweight rankings. Her MMA record is eleven wins, three draws, and no loss.

Due to her upbeat demeanour and aggressive fighting style, Ribas has rapidly gained the crowd’s affection. The contender at strawweight has caught the attention of fight fans worldwide.

Amanda Ribas Sister Marcelly Ribas Is An Actress

Marcelly Ribas is the little sister of Amanda Ribas and she is a rising Brazilian actress.

Amanda’s sister has chosen an artistic field and is very active on Instagram. Her bio states she is working with the MAZ – Artistic Association. She is also operating as a model, fitness artist, and dancer. 

Amanda Ribas and her sister enjoying their vacation in Abu Dhabi last year.
Source : instagram

According to her LinkedIn profile, Marcelly also has experience working as a Publicist and Social Media Advisor to her sister. She has been helping UFC-Athlete Amanda Riba to handle her social media content since January 2019. But before this, she established herself as an art teacher and model for the MAZ Artistic Association.

Marcelly graduated with an Advertising and marketing degree from the UNIS Educational group. She went to Alpha College. 

Marcelly is a model, actress, fitness trainer, and dance artist.
Source : instagram

Some acting shots of Marcelly can be viewed on her IG handle, @marcellyribas. She has a total of 57.7 thousand followers at the time of writing. In addition, Amanda’s sister is also linguistic; she speaks Brazilian, English, and Spanish. 

On July 17, 2020,  Marcelly posted her acting experience in her profile. In her first practice, she was giving a crying scene.

The family of Amanda Ribas also owns a fitness center in Brazil called the Academia Ribas Family. Both sisters offer special training to their customers. Amanda’s little sister also operates a Youtube channel where she shares some self-tapes. 

Amanda And Marcelly Share A Close Bond

Amanda Ribas and her sister Marcelly Ribas share a magical bond with one another.

The sisters frequently share pictures of one another. In the most recent photo, Marcelly posed with her sister during their vacation in Abu Dhabi. Two were seen hugging and jokingly fisting one another.

Amanda and Marcelly at Capituva, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Source : instagram

While in some more photos, the sister is also seen doing fitness poses at the family’s fitness centre. In a vintage photograph, Amanda also held her sister on her shoulder. They like to joke around every time they meet each other.

The two sisters are blessed with a brother named Arthur Ribas, a martial artist. Their big brother has recorded six wins and one loss in his seven fights. His most recent dispute dates back to 2015 when he fought Alvaro Correa. Arthur had lost the match via TKO.

In 2014, Arthur Ribas fought in her career’s consecutive wins against Felipe Moura Rodrigues, Luis Henrique Gomes, and Willian Faria.

Marcelly manages Amanda on Instagram and social media platforms.
Source : instagram

There isn’t much age difference between the siblings. Amanda turned 29 years old in August this year, while Marcelly is in her early twenties. The eldest in the family is their brother, Arthur, who will be 30 years old in 2022.

Besides Amanda and Arthur, their father, Marcelo Ribas, is also a fighter. Marcelo is a judo and Jiu-jitsu coach who also teaches Muay Thai.

Amanda received instruction from her father and brother until she was a member of one of Brazil’s youth national judo teams.

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