Reed Blankenship Parents Troy And Sandra Blankenship Have Only Missed His One Game

Reed Blankenship was born to parents Troy and Sandra Blankenship. Troy and Sandra have only missed one of his games during his NCAA career.

Reed grew up with his older sister, Aralie Ann Blankenship, at their parents’ house in Athens.

The 23-year-old American football safety played collegiate football for five seasons at Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. And his parents always supported him by attending every single game of his during those five years cheering him from the stand, except for one occasion.

From 2017 to 2022, Blankenship shined in NCAA football, becoming the team’s captain in 2019. He completed 3,192 rushing yards, 1,056 yards passing, and 46 total touchdowns for the Raiders. Philadelphia Eagles signed him in 2022 as an undrafted free agent after failing to be picked in the NFL Draft.

On Sunday night’s game against Green Bay Packers, Eagles’ undrafted rookie Blankenship proved his worth and silenced the doubters. He gained the attention of all NFL fans thanks to his yearning tackle.

Reed Blankenship Parents Troy And Sandra Blankenship From Alabama

Reed Blankenship was born to his parents Troy and Sandra Blankenship in Alabama located in the United States.

Reed often calls his father the night before gamedays, and they talk and discuss how to approach the opponents.

Born on March 2, 1999, Blankenship spent most of his formative years in Athens with his parents and older sister. With the blessing of his remarkable parents, Blankenship has emerged as one of the promising young talents in American football.

Reed Blankenship graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in 2020. His parents Troy and Sandra never missed a single game over the course of his five seasons at Middle Tennessee, except for one.
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At West Limestone High School, he participated in basketball and football. Later he joined Middle Tennessee State University and played for its football club Middle Tennessee, Blue Raiders, in the NCAA division.

His father Troy and mother Sandra attended every game their son Reed played in the Raiders shirt for five seasons and only missed one. They used to make a long trip, 10 hours, 15-hour drive to watch their son play.

Having withdrawn his name from the 2021 NFL Draft, he went unpicked in the 2022 draft before the Philadelphia Eagles signed him. He immediately contacted his parents, who both broke down in tears when they learned he had been selected for the Eagles’ 53-man roster.

Blankenship was in no mood after he went undrafted. He was sitting in his hotel room when he got a call from the Eagles that they decided to sign him for the 2022 NFL season.

Reed Blankenship said he calls his father Troy the night before gamedays to discuss about the game and opponents and his father motivates him to do better in the pitch.
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The young safety called his family, and both his parents’ eyes were filled with tears of joy. “They both cried when they found out. It’s one of those things. I’m happy for myself. I’m proud of all the people around me that supported me,” Reed said.

The Blankenship father-and-son team frequently has passionate conversations. Blankenship claims that their discussions usually revolve around his father’s motivating him.

Reed Blankenship Has A Sister But No Brothers

Reed Blankenship grew up with an elder sister who is already married. Reed and Rodrigo Blankenship are not brothers.

While Rodrigo Blankenship grew up with older brother Ken Blankenship, Reed only had an older sister in the name of siblings.

Blankenship and his sister, Aralie Ann Blankenship, are the only two children of his parents, Troy and Sandra. Aralie is a registered nurse at Athens-Limestone Hospital. She married Jake five years ago and recently welcomed a baby.

His sister often attended his game and watched him play from the stand while playing for Middle Tennessee.

Eagles' safety Reed Blankenship does not have a brother but an elder sister. Her sister is a married woman.
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However, Reed moved to Philadelphia after getting picked by the Eagles. He was in his hotel room after he went undrafted in the 2022 NFL draft. His sister and parents were at their home back in Alabama waiting for him.

But before Reed arrives, good news came knocking at their door as the young offensive lineman called his home to announce that the Eagles picked him for the 53-man roster.

All members of his family who had high hopes for him cried after hearing the news. His parents, including his sister, could not hold their tears. They are so happy for him. Later that night, Reed spoke with his sister’s husband, who also filled his eyes with joy. 

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