Andy Casagrande Net Worth In 2022 Is Over $4 Million, How Does Shark Week Star Make His Money?

A deep-seated interest in environmental protection drives Andy Casagrande. 

Andy views it as his life’s work to encourage others to become concerned about the state of the world’s diminishing animal populations.

He has recorded and produced films for some of the most prestigious television networks in the world, including National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, FOX, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Andy Casagrande is also a producer and television presenter.

Who is Andy Casagrande?

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, often known by his alias ABC, is a cinematographer, field producer, and television presenter who has won an Emmy Award. 

He specializes in adventure, and blue-chip nature documentaries shot all over the world. Andy claims that he owes his fantastic lifestyle to the white sharks and thinks this is the case. Born in New York City, Andy grew interested in sharks at a young age after seeing them on television. After that, he became fixated on sharks and spent time learning everything about them from every source that would let him. 

When Andy was an adult, he decided to pursue a career in shark science.

In 1996, he attended the Florida Institute of Technology and enrolled in a marine biology class. However, after observing graduate students working with various other fish species, Andy realized. He discovered that being a marine scientist did not necessarily mean spending the rest of his life dealing with sharks alone. After that, Andy concluded that it was time for a fresh start.

After graduating from FIT, he moved on to pursue a degree in biology at the University of Pittsburgh. After that, Andy received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University–Long Beach. Andy earned his bachelor’s degree in biopsychology in 2000 and graduated with honors. After graduating college, Andy secured a position in a software business. Still, he never stopped harboring the hope of one day working with sharks.


Casagrande also wrote a song about great white sharks in his leisure time. The music video for the song featured footage of him swimming outside a shark cage on Guadalupe Island in Mexico. He played guitar while great white sharks swam lazily by in the backdrop of the picture. He decided to try out his luck and sent his video resume to three different great-white research teams. He sent it to California, Australia, and South Africa, hoping one of them would hire him.

How Did Andy Casagrande Become An Underwater Shooter?

Unbelievably, the South African study team returned to Andy and offered him a position as an underwater still photographer for their study for three months.

In 2003, he took a Cape Town job scheduled for only three months. However, Andy ended up working there for two years instead. This prompted him to settle there. After then, Andy switched from his still camera to his video camera and started capturing the activity of the sharks.

Soon after, Andy concluded that he would have to dive while securely outside the cage to capture the most acceptable video. 

Two years later, when a crew from National Geographic returned to visit, Andy had reached the pinnacle of his mastery of the art. The team recognized Andy’s ability to capture remarkable films. They gave him a position on their staff in Washington, District of Columbia.

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Andy Casagrande Wife Emma Walfridsson And Family

When it comes to his personal life, Casagrande has been wedded to Emma Walfridsson, who is originally from Sweden, since 2010.

Andy met Emma Casagrande when he was out exploring, which also seems to be his line of business.

When Emma first met the man who would become the love of her life in 2007, she was in Tanzania, East Africa, in the Serengeti area famed for the migration of wild animals.


Andy and Emma were quickly pulled to one another due to their shared deep-seated interest in nature.

Before Finally saying their vows in 2010, the couple had been seeing one another for three years. They are firm that they want very little known about their relationship with the public. Nevertheless, it is a well-known truth that they are the proud parents of two lovely children named Nova Fina and Ace.

When Emma first met her future husband, she did not have the same passion for photography as she has now. She was born and reared in Sweden and eventually became involved in the protection of animals.

More precisely, the mother of two has a passion for sharks and goes scuba diving with her husband to take pictures of the potentially lethal creatures. It’s one of the finest relationship objectives you can have right now to travel the world with your significant other and experience everything the planet offers.

In conjunction with his better half, Andy has advocated for the protection of sharks by acting in the capacity of an ambassador for the non-profit organization known as Shark Angels.

Andy Casagrande’s Net Worth

Working as a cinematographer and running Shark Week, it is believed that Andy Casagrande has a net worth of over four million dollars. 

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