Who Are Amy and Shawn Shanahan? Nicole Shanahan Parents Names Revealed

Nicole Shanahan is a businesswoman and philanthropist from Silicon Valley. Learn about his parents and their ethnicity.

Nicole became the focal point of a dispute between Sergey Brin and Elon Musk, two of the wealthiest men in the world, this past weekend. 

According to the report, Shanahan and Brin have a prenuptial agreement and are currently negotiating the terms of their divorce, in which she is seeking more than $1 billion.

Nicole Shanahan Parents’ Names Revealed, Who are Amy and Shawn Shanahan?

Nicole Shanahan father’s name is revealed as Shawn Shanahan and mother’s name is Amy Shanahan.

Nicole Shanahan, a daughter of Chinese immigrants, has spoken on multiple occasions about her mother, who worked as a maid and her childhood on welfare. She belongs to the Chinese-American ethnicity.

Shanahan, aged 33, was born in Oakland, California, in 1989 to Amy and Shawn Shanahan of Chinese ancestry. Her mother immigrated to the US from China just two years before her birth. 

While both of her parents were unemployed for most of her life, and her father was issued a bipolar schizophrenia diagnosis when she was nine, the software entrepreneur managed to survive through her desires and tenacity.

Due to her difficult upbringing, Nicole Shanahan was raised to be independent and self-sufficient. She had financial hardships and a lack of direction while growing up. 


Nicole Shanahan Mother’s Real Name is Hean Man Wong

Although her mother, Amy Shanahan, changed her name while staying in the US, her real Chinese name is Hean Man Wong.

Amy’s parents, Chen Zhen and Fai Kwok Wong, had five daughters. 

Amy was born and raised by her family in Guangzhou City, China, and her sisters. She came to this world in 1954 and is presently 67 years old.

Nicole said that her grandpa belonged to the family of landowners who had controlled Macau for numerous generations. The entire family split up after the communist revolution in Macau, and her grandpa moved to Guangzhou.

She also said that her grandfather Fai valued a boy more than a girl. He forced her grandmother Chen to have children until she gave birth to a boy. Amy, in her thirties, immigrated to the United States just two years before Nicole was born.

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Nicole Shanahan’s Father, Shawn Shanahan, Has “Bipolar Schizophrenia”

When Nicole was nine years old, her father, Shawn, had bipolar schizophrenia. It was a tough time for her and her family. It was a trying time for her and her family, and having only one source of money in the house was stressful.


Because her family relied on food stamps, the shortage of everything taught her how to optimize her alternatives creatively. Speaking with Modern Luxury, she said, “This is a skill that helps me navigate almost every day of my life and at home, especially being an entrepreneur.”

Nicole said she was raised in a single-parent family and also added that she spent most of her childhood with two unemployed parents. Thus, there was no money, and they had to rely heavily on public assistance. 

She began working as a waitress at the age of 12, and, thanks to the internet, she could apply to law schools. Now she is the founder of legal technology startup ClearAccessIP and focuses on charity endeavours.

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