Anna Melnyk Age: 5 Facts On Eugene Melnyk Eldest Daughter

Ottawa Senators owner Anna Melnyk is 23 years old. She is the eldest daughter of Eugene Melnyk.

After her father Eugene Melnyk passed away at the age of 62 “after an illness, he tackled with perseverance and fortitude”, the ownership of Ottawa Senators was passed onto her and her younger sister Olivia.

Melnyk had a net worth of $1.21 billion at the time of his passing, and was rated 79th on the 2017 list of Canada’s 100 wealthiest people by Canadian Business magazine.

With the Ottawa Senators soon going up for sale, fans are curious about the current owner, Anna Melnyk. 

Quick Facts On Anna Melnyk

Name Anna Melnyk
Father Eugene Melnyk
Mother Laura Melnyk
Siblings Oliva Melnyk
Age 23
Nationality Canadian
College UCLA
Birth Date February 10, 1999

Anna Melnyk Age: How Old Is Eugene Melnyk’s Oldest Daughter?

Anna Melnyk is 23 years old. She was born on February 10, 1999, to mother, Laura Melnyk, and father, Eugene Melnyk.

Her sister, Olivia Melnyk, is 20 years old.

Anna graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in computers focused on computing in June 2021.

The late Eugene Melnyk had only two daughters. His second daughter, Olivia Melnyk, was born on September 3rd, 2002. She obtained her secondary school diploma from Ridley College. Olivia recently finished her second year at Queen’s University.

anna melnyk with her family
Source : twitter

Her father wished her a happy birthday on Twitter on her 18th birthday.

Her father gave the Belmont Child Care Association $1 million to build a daycare facility at Belmont Park. The institution is the only one in the country situated on racecourse grounds and is called Anna House after his oldest daughter.

All families with members who work at Belmont Park can take advantage of the center’s childcare facilities, regardless of their financial situation. Many kids are the property of grooms, exercise riders, and other racecourse workers.

5 Facts On Eugene Melnyk Eldest Daughter Anna Melnyk

Eugene Melnyk and his first wife, Laura Melnyk, were the parents of two children before their separation in 2010. Anna Melnyk was born in 2000, while their youngest daughter was welcomed to the family in 2000.

Anna, left, and Olivia Melnyk, daughters of late Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, stand at centre ice for the ceremonial puck drop before an NHL hockey game between the Senators and the Florida Panthers in Ottawa on Thursday
Source : ctvnews

1. Anna Melnyk Has A Bachelor In Arts Degree From UCLA

Anna Melnyk recently quit her job as a Digital Marketing Executive

After receiving her degree from UCLA in 2021, Anna Melnyk was hired as an Associate Marketing Executive in August 2021 at Dark Trace. She was later promoted to Digital Marketing Executive in December.

Anna is a digital marketing expert
Source : linkedin

She interned in multiple companies, including LEVEL5 Strategy Group and Hansell McLaughlin Advisory Group.

While at UCLA, she was an Advertising Account Executive and Marketing intern at UCLA Student Media from February 2019 to May 2021.

Being a computer enthusiast, she has developed a habit of working in social media campaigns and helping brands build their image on the internet.

2. Anna Melnyk Was On The Junior Varsity Ice Hockey At Ridley College

Anna Melnyk graduated high school from Ridley College in 2017.

She was the Assistant Captain of the Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Team during her time at the high school. Her younger sister, Olivia, followed in her footsteps and also held the same position after Anna graduated in 2017.

Eugene Melnyk's daughters – Anna and Olivia – joined the Senators for the official team photo on Thursday at Canadian Tire Centre.
Source : ctvnews

Anna was also the Senior House Captain and performed her duties with pride. Furthermore, the 23-year-old was in Varsity Tennis, Ridley College Cadet Corps, and did RCLS Tutoring.

From September 2019 to September 2020, she taught yoga to children at Yoga for Flexible Futures.

3. Anna Melnyk Is Well Versed In Product And Digital Marketing

Anna Melnyk, Eugene Melnyk’s eldest daughter, graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Computing Specialization in 2021.

Before her graduation, she had worked as a Marketing intern, Executive intern, Product Marketing intern, and Summer Analyst. After receiving her BA degree, she landed an Associate Marketing Executive and Digital Marketing Executive role.

Anna Melnyk and her sister
Source : reddit

Anna was part of the sorority group Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chapter Secretary at UCLA. She held the Account Executive position at Bruin Media Group, and was also part of the Bruin Women in Business.

She made the Dean’s Honors List. Eugene’s oldest daughter is not on any social media platforms except for LinkedIn.

4. Laura Melnyk Is Anna Melnyk’s Mother

Eugene Melnyk divorced his first wife Laura Melnyk, often known as Lori, in 2010. They were together for sixteen years before they went their separate ways.

Laura Melnyk is the mother of his two daughters, Anna and Oliva Melnyk.

Eugene and Laura had their wedding on October 8, 1994. They celebrated their ninth anniversary by going to an Eagles concert.

After the divorce, Eugene entered into a long-term relationship with Sharilyne Anderson. Eugene was born to his parents, Vera Melnyk and Dr. Ferdinand Melnyk. He also has a sister by the name of Lydia.

The late owner of the Ottawa Senators was very close to his daughters and was frequently spotted with them, especially while they were sitting in the stands watching the Ottawa Senators play.

5. Anna Has A Younger Sibling OlivIa Melnyk

Anna Melnyk has a younger sister, Olivia Melnyk, who is 20 years old as of 2022.

Olivia is in her third year at Queen’s University. She is majoring in Political Studies and will graduate in 2024.

Anna's older sister Olivia
Source : linkedin

She is the head editor at Her Campus Media. Before that, she interned as the Assistant program coordinator at Senators Sports & Entertainment. Like Anna, Olivia was the Assistant Captain of the Junior Varsity Ice Hockey.

Furthermore, Olivia was on Varsity Tennis, Varsity Cross Country, and was part of the Ridley College Cadet Corps (Sargeant).

Some FAQs

What happened to Eugene Melnyk?

Longtime Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has died at age 62.

Who is Anna Melnyk mother?

Anna Melnyk mother is Laura Melnyk.

Who are Eugene Melnyk daughters?

Eugene Melnyk has two daughters, Anna And Oliva Melnyk.

What is Anna Melnyk age?

Anna Melnyk is 23 years old. She was born on February 10, 1999, to mother, Laura Melnyk, and father, Eugene Melnyk.

What sickness did Eugene Melnyk have?

Melnyk had a liver transplant in 2015 after a public campaign for a donor.

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