James Conner Mom Kelly Patterson Is A Community Impact Associate In Erie

James Conner mom Kelly Patterson manages the grants of The Erie Community Foundation. Kelly is a mother to five sons.

The running back of the Arizona Cardinals has four biological brothers and a stepsibling from his mom’s second marriage. Kelly divorced James’s father, Glen Conner Sr., in 1999.

Though the Cardinals might have lost against the Patriots on Monday, the only man who could have held his head high was James Conner. He has had a back-to-back stunning game for the NFC West team that currently sits 3rd in its group.

The NFL player has a tight connection with his family, especially with his mum, who struggled initially to raise her five kids. 

James Conner Mom Kelly Patterson Works At The Erie Community Foundation

James Conner mom Kelly Patterson has been working with the Erie Community Foundation since 2021.

Kelly is the community impact team associate and plays a major role in successfully utilizing the grant received by the foundation. The team at Erie didn’t have a hard time selecting Kelly in her current role as she has years of experience in the field.

Kelly Patterson shares a beautiful selfie on her Instagram handle to her followers in 2021
Source : instagram

Prior to working for Erie Community, Kelly worked with Harborcreek Youth Services for a year. At Harborcreek, she provided services to those affected by mental traumas and with distorted views of life.

During the early 90s up to the early 2000s, Patterson worked at Case Management Support Services. After fourteen years of service, the mother of four decided to move on to the non-profit organization in their hometown of Erie.

Kelly Patterson in 2020 received a surprise gift from James as he bought her a new house
Source : espn

At the Erie Community Foundation, she is the one who has a say on the donors to be chosen and is the one to schedule the pre-grant application meeting. One can get in contact through the Erie Community Foundation’s official website. 

In 2020, the running back bought a new house for his mum, who was reduced to tears by such a big surprise from her son. That same year, he also surprised his dad with a pickup truck.

Kelly Patterson Is Mother of Five And Grandmother of Five

Kelly Patterson is a mother to five sons whom she raised in Pittsburgh after her divorce in 1999.

At first, it was difficult for her even to imagine that she would have to raise five kids. She would struggle financially and would have to live check to check.

But now in her late 50s, Kelly lives a happy life working with a youth organization and seeing her son achieve his dreams on the football field.

1. Glen Conner Jr.

Kelly Patterson with her oldest son Glen Conner Jr shares the photo on the occasion of his 30th birthday in 2020
Source : instagram

Glen Conner Jr., age 33, is the firstborn of Kelly and her first husband, Glen Conner. Being the oldest of the family also meant that Glen was the one who saw most of his parents’ struggles.

On his 30th birthday in 2019, she penned a sweet message for her son. Kelly called Glen her protector and backbone. The two words always get attributed to the oldest kid in the family.

Conner Jr. is married to Sabrina Conner and has two kids with her. Their firstborn was in 2019.

2. Richard Conner 

Kelly Patterson with her second son Richard Conner on his graduation day in 2019
Source : instagram

Richard Conner is the second-born of Kelly who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019.

At one point in his life, Richard had given up and decided not to go to college, but he later changed his mind and decided to pursue an academic career.

If he was a bit serious about football, he had the right physique as he stands at 6ft 4 inches and weighs 275 pounds. A Laker fan, Richard loves hunting with his friends in his free time. 

3. Michael Conner 

Kelly with her third son Michael Conner shares a collage of their picture together on the occasion of Veteran's Day
Source : instagram

Michael Conner, age 31, is in the position of a veteran of the US Air Force. Michael has two kids with his partner and was also the one that was closest to James.

The older brother of James paid him a surprise visit in 2014, right before the season opened against Delaware, and spent the night at his brother’s dorm.

4. James Conner

Kelly pictured with her son James Conner in 2016
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James Conner, age 27, is the youngest of the Conner family. The 6 ft 1 inch running back, James, was the third-round pick in the 2017 NLF draft. 

Though all the Connor boys have the physique of becoming an athlete, only James made it his professional career. James does have a special place in the heart of his mother, like any youngest of the family would have. 

In 2015, James was diagnosed with cancer and was told that he didn’t have long to live. But fortunately, James beat the deadly disease in 2016 and has gone on to have a successful NFL career.

Kelly also has another son named Rico from her second marriage, on whom there is little to no information. 

Kelly Patterson Married Twice In Her Life

Kelly Patterson has married twice in her life with her second marriage happening in 2000.

The social worker’s first marriage happened when she had not even reached 18. At the tender age of 17, Kelly became a mother for the first time.

Then she went on to have three more sons with Glen Conner Sr. before they divorced in 1999. Kelly, with her second partner, had one son named Rico.

Kelly Patterson with her four sons at Glen Conner Sr's wedding ceremony in 2020
Source : instagram

Though she and Glen might have gone separate ways, she didn’t deprive him of visiting their sons. James even shares a special bond with his biological father. 

The Cardinals running back in 2020 even gave his father a pickup truck. He shared the moment he gifted his father the truck on his Twitter handle. For a while, Glen found it hard to believe that he was the truck’s new owner.  

The Conner family has been together at the highest of highs and lowest of lows. And hopefully, we will continue to see such sweet moments for the family. 

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